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Scarlett Johansson To Make Directorial Debut With Adaptation Of Truman Capote’s ‘Summer Crossing’

Scarlett Johansson To Make Directorial Debut With Adaptation Of Truman Capote's 'Summer Crossing'

Apparently too sexy for “The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo,” and still waiting for Woody Allen to write her “Citizen Kane” it looks like the undeniably attractive Scarlett Johansson is taking matters into her own hands in an effort to be taken seriously. But not just as an actress. As you might remember, her short film effort “These Vagabond Shoes” was an extra on the “New York, I Love You” DVD and now she’s ready to throw her hat in the ring as feature filmmaker, as she’s lining up a project that is sure to get people talking.

Oscar-winning “The Deer Hunter” producer Barry Spikings, Peter D. Graves and the Truman Capote Literary Trust are all backing the adaptation of “Summer Crossing” with Johansson at the helm. The novel was technically Capote’s first, first drafted in 1943, tinkered with for nearly a decade more and then eventually put aside, only to be published posthumously in 2005. Taking place over the course of a hot summer in 1945 New York City, the story centers on the 17 year old Grady, from a well-to-do family living on Fifth Avenue, who enters a torrid affair with a parking attendant, winds up marrying him, and becomes pregnant. It’s not considered Capote’s finest work, but its nonetheless a premise rich with potential.

Playwright Tristin Skyler — who is also adaptingThe Bell Jar” for Julia Stiles — is writing the script, so this one isn’t quite ready to go just yet. But Johansson will have a plethora of experience to draw on having worked on films from directors such as the aforementioned Allen, The Coen Brothers, Brian DePalma, Robert Redford, Christopher Nolan, Cameron Crowe and currently, Jonathan Glazer on the sci-fi flick of sorts “Under The Skin.” We’re always excited to see someone trying their hand at something new, and stepping out of their comfort zone, so we’ll be eager to see this one come together. No word yet on planned production start date. [Variety]

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I get that one doesn't have to be an excellent actor to be a good director (see: Ben Affleck), but considering Scarlett is one of the least compelling and/or inspiring actresses of her age group (and is known far more for her beauty than her skill), it seems odd that she would take on directing…. no less a Capote adaptation. Maybe she'll pan out to be a good director… who knows but her mediocre acting skills make me question her ability to put on many hats as a director.


Blake Lively might make a good Grady.


Good for her. She is making a move to be more than just another starlet. She is far from Superstar yet. But she is headed in the right direction.


We all want another one of these http:/&#x2F


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