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Stream Childish Gambino’s (aka Donald Glover’s) “Camp” In Its Entirety Before Next Week’s Release

Stream Childish Gambino's (aka Donald Glover's) "Camp" In Its Entirety Before Next Week's Release

I posted the *controversial* video for the first release from the album last week – Bonfire.

If you liked what you heard in that track, then you might be interested in listening to the full album (which isn't out until the 15th), courtesy of NPR; they have an exclusive "first listen" to the entire album, which you can stream right now by clicking HERE. I'm listening to it right now, while I work. 3 tracks in, and I can say that I'm not yet reaching for my STOP button, for whatever that's worth.

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I like it. I'll probably get labeled with the misguided youth title like I normally do. I respect his hustle. I love to wordplay and the cultural references. Some call it "hipster" which in itself is an ignorant word and really crippling to creativity or being different. Can you give me a stock example of a "hipster"? I'm ranting… I agree the sexual prowess and misogyny can be a bit grating and forced, but there are alot of gems on hear. Glad to see Donald trying his hand at BOTH and succeeding.


This album has a lot of great tunes/beats filled with mostly crap lyrics about hoes and b*tches and descriptions of his genitalia. I mean, his misogyny is disgusting (like Kanye disgusting in its misogyny), which is unfortunate because I think he has skills. And seriously, how many descriptions of his penis do we need? Anyway, I only like three songs from the album: Firefly (my favorite, actually an amazing song), Heartbeat and Hold You Down. (I would actually like to buy Firefly, but it's not yet available for individual download). Thanks for the link.

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