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Tatyana Ali Will Headline Canadian Sudz Sutherland’s (“Love, Sex & Eating The Bones”) Indie Drama “Home Again”

Tatyana Ali Will Headline Canadian Sudz Sutherland's ("Love, Sex & Eating The Bones") Indie Drama "Home Again"

It’s been awhile since I thought of the name Sudz Sutherland, the Canadian filmmaker whose narrative feature film debut, Love Sex And Eating The Bones, released in 2003, starred Hill Harper as a guy addicted to pornography, whose sex-filled fantasy world is turned on its head when he meets and falls in love with the girl of his dreams, and he’s forced to address suppressed issues of commitment.

Or as I like to call it, the comedic version of Steven McQueen’s acclaimed drama Shame :) Not quite exactly, but I’m sure you catch my drift…

I saw that film years ago, and thought it was cool. I didn’t have strong feelings about it (whether positive, or negative). It was good for what it was – an urban rom-com, as films of its ilk can be broadly classified.

I don’t believe the film was released theatrically in the USA, but it’s available on DVD for those interested. I know you can get it on Netflix.

Since 2003, Sudz has worked primarily on television, and is now set to return to narrative feature filmmmaking with an indie drama titled Home Again, which The Fresh Prince of Bel Air star, Tatyana Ali, has signed on to star in.

The film will center on…

… three adults raised as outsiders from childhood and deported from Canada, the U.S. and London, England to Jamaica, where they were born. The three deportees find they have to fight for survival in a Jamaica where family support, friends and shelter is elusive, but where ultimately hope and the human spirit emerges.

The Canadian-produced feature, Sudz’s second, will shoot on location in Trinidad and Jamaica for six weeks, starting in January 2012.

Tatyana Ali has been quite active since her early Fresh Prince Of Bel Air days, doing almost everything – film, television, web series… some she’s headlined, others she produced, and still others she contributed music to their soundtracks.

Let’s see how her collab with Sudz Sutherland shakes out in the end…

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