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‘The Dark Knight Rises’ Prologue Confirmed For December 21st; Plus New Pics From The Film

'The Dark Knight Rises' Prologue Confirmed For December 21st; Plus New Pics From The Film

In all the excitement last week over Empire‘s debut of two new looks at Batman and Bane on the cover of their latest issue, a small morsel of important info from “The Dark Knight Rises” seemed to be overlooked. Just as they did in the run up for “The Dark Knight,” Christopher Nolan and Warner Bros. are planning to give audiences a healthy, early taste of the final installment of the trilogy. If you go to a select IMAX cinema starting December 21st, you’ll get a look at the first six or seven minutes of the upcoming movie.

The question right now is what defines a “select, IMAX cinema.” While the rumor has long been that the prologue would be stamped in front of screenings of “Mission: Impossible — Ghost Protocol” (which opens wide on the 21st), more recently, AMC announced (and they quickly pulled) news that the preview would only play on 70mm capable IMAX screens. That would make a tremendous difference, as it would exclude those tinier, faux-IMAX screens that have been added to multiplexes around the country. More details likely to come soon, and as usual, the fimmakers are remaining coy on what we’ll actually see only saying that it’s “an introduction to Bane, and a taste of the rest of the film.”

Until then, some hi-res scans of Empire’s new images from the film have landed online (via Comic Book Movie), one of which you might remember from the leaked set photos earlier this year. “The Dark Knight Rises” hits on July 20, 2012.

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Isnt Harvey Dent supposed to be dead? If this is taking place 8 years after Dark Knight, how is Dent still relevant? Even if Bane is revealing that he became TwoFace and killed some people and didn't die a hero like Gordon and Batman pretended he did…it's 8 years later! So what?


Whoa hold the phone – thought Ghost Protocol was bowing early on IMAX only screens on December 16th? Wouldn't that mean the TDKR prologue would start then?

JJ Tardy

Why is Bane holding a photo of Rod Stewart?


It seems weird that it wouldn't play with Ghost Protocol on the 16th when it opens in IMAX? Especially if it's only on film projector IMAX screens, they're going to produce special prints just of this prologue? If it's about time constraints in getting it, done, then I could understand.


I gotta say, every time I see the same "new" pictures of Bane and/or Catwoman, I find myself losing a smidge more interest and hoping this film has a LOT more under its sleeve.


in nolan's final installment in the rebooted batman franchise, the dark knight will apparently be slightly older and a little bit retarded as is evidenced by his perpetually agape pie-hole.

Tyrannosaurus Max

is that first one a videogame still…?

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