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The Documentary Short List: The Women

The Documentary Short List: The Women

The Academy released it’s list of 15 films (out of 124) that made the short list for the best documentary feature.  The list is sent out with production companies not the directors, so it’s hard at first look to see how many are directed by women.  It turns out that 5 of the 15 have either women directors or co-directors.  That’s a decent number.

Here are the women directed films on the short list.

Battle for Brooklyn – directed by Michael Galinsky, Suki Hawley and David Beilinson
Buck – directed by Cindy Meehl
The Loving Story – directed by Nancy Buirski
Semper Fi: Always Faithful – directed by Rachel Libert and Tony Hardmon
Sing Your Song – directed by Susanne Rostock

There are always complaints about which films are left off.  I was not able to find the list of the 124 films that were in consideration, but two that come to mind that are missing In the female directed are- Constance MarksBeing Elmo: A Puppeteer’s Journey and Bobbie Birleffi and Beverly Kopf’s Wish Me Away based on the story of Chely Wright. 

What other women directed docs should have made this list?

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janelle vigil

When are your 2012 submissions due? I have a very short documentary at http:/&#x2F

;12008525 which should be viewed on "couch mode", the link just right of the title, "The Long Journey Home." It is about the harrowing effects and also the recovery of a childhood afflicted with incest and sexual abuse at the hands of her stepfather. The "victim" is a very courageous young woman, and I'm proud to say, my own daughter… I'm a masters student in film at the U of Utah in my second year, and this story is finally ready for distribution and viewing. I appreciate any help you can give me.
Thank you,
Janelle Vigil


MARATHON BOY (UK), THE ARBOR (UK) and BETTER THIS WORLD (US) were three of the stand-out female-directed documentary films this year. Just take a look at the critical acclaim and top awards they garnered this year. Brilliant news that BUCK made the list – hope it gets a nomination!


"Marathon Boy" should have made the list – picked up tons of awards worldwide.

Elisabeth Fies

What about your Athena Film Festival alumna and Sundance doc MISS REPRESENTATION?


My picks were "Better This World", "Marathon Boy", "The Arbor" – all incredible pieces of filmmaking with female directors. Amazed they were not on the top 15.


Clio Barnard's "The Arbor" is probably my favorite film of the year, let alone documentary. Heard that many thought it might not be eligible because of its unconventional use of actors lip-synching audio-recorded interviews. Would like to see that list of 124 eligible films.


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