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This Is What Bradley Cooper Would Have Looked Like In ‘The Crow’

This Is What Bradley Cooper Would Have Looked Like In 'The Crow'

Things for “The Crow” reboot haven’t gone well. Though it came out of the gate strong with Bradley Cooper set to star and “28 Weeks Later” helmer Juan Carlos Fresnadillo set to direct, the movie was hit by a lawsuit and then saw both the actor and director bounce from the movie. There hasn’t been any movement from the project since, as it needs to start over, but if you’re wondering just what could have been, well there is an answer.

The folks over at Shock ‘Til You Drop have dug up early production artwork by Diego Latorre on his website and while he stresses that these “are very early production sketches and are based in my own visual interpretation of the character and not necessarily in Apaches Entertainment and director Juan Carlos Fresnadillo vision” it’s interesting nonetheless. They don’t seem to be too far removed from the Eric Draven we know except that he’s been updated to look like a lost member of 30 Seconds To Mars or perhaps a Hot Topic employee. Again, this may not have been used at all, but if they were, the results would have been…interesting. Can’t say that we dig it — the looks plays like a cliche of goth styling more than anythign else — but it certainly wouldn’ve been something quite different for Cooper (though he’s playing Lucifer in “Paradise Lost,” so he’ll be able to get in touch with some darker stuff there).

So anyway, take a look below. It’s alternately intriguing, terrible and hilarious (that hat!) but a peek at what could have been projected up at your local muliplex.

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These all look stupid.




Bradley Cooper is gonna figure out what's that gonna be same like us.


What has been seen, can not be unseen! This would have been comedy gold.


does anyone know if Nick Cave's unused script is available anyplace..?


Concepts look cool, but I'm not sure if I could buy Cooper in that role. On top of everything The Crowe screams 1990s in a bad way to me.

PS: Juan Carlos Fresnadillo directed 28 Weeks Later , not 28 Days.

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