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Thoughts On Tyler Perry’s New TV Series “For Better Or Worse?” Plus Watch 45-Minute Convo w/ Cast & Crew

Thoughts On Tyler Perry's New TV Series "For Better Or Worse?" Plus Watch 45-Minute Convo w/ Cast & Crew

It debuted on TBS on Friday, the 25th, just after Thanksgiving; anybody watch? I didn’t, so no comments from me on Tyler Perry’s new TV series For Better Or Worse which is based on his Why Did I Get Married? films (at first plays), and follows the ups-and-downs of married life for Marcus and Angela, characters who originated in the features.

In the films, the pair was played by Michael Jai White and Tasha Smith, and both actors also star in the new TV series.

The series is currently on a 5-week audience test, as Tyler Perry notes in the video below, which means that if it does well during its first 5 weeks, TBS will likely order more episodes, and the show stays on the air; and if audiences aren’t drawn to it, then, well, it’s outta there!

So… who tuned in on Friday night? And if you did, thoughts?

In the 45-minute video below, the cast of the series and Tyler Perry, answer questions from fans about the show, and talk business in general – challenges on being black in Hollywood, Tyler Perry’s power and influence and the black millionaires he’s created, why Marcus and Angela fight so much, how so-not a *punk* Michael Jai White’s character is, how this is Tyler’s most mature work, and the best show he’s done, how important it is to him to show successful black people on screen, and more… 

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I didn't get it, but then I'm single and I don't watch soap operas, no matter who is doing the acting. I watched 3 episodes, briefly. I thought it might get better, but I was not impressed. Frankly, I'm shocked that it's coming back on TV.


How ironic is it that I'm reading this blog and comments and I see a commercial that says new shows of For Better or Worse, airing in July!!


What happened to this show?? I watched it and it was GREAT!! Then, I didn't hear anything else about it. I could tell this was going to be one of Tyler's Best works! PLEASE bring it back!!


What happened to this show? It was like only 4 episodes and it was gone. I am highly upset about this because I love that show and I love all the characters. Especially Marcus because he is so fine, sexy and gorgeous. We dont have many african-american tv shows so lets keep the ones we have. BRING IT BACK ! BRING IT BACK!

shan morehouse

great show bring it back please

keesha hay

i love the show can't wait until it come back on the air please hurry!!!!

Angela Edgerton

I love this show!! Please bring this show. It one of a few black shows that left and it was a great show.

Winston Maxwell

‘For Better Or Worse’ was an awesome series which my wife and I looked forward watching together on Friday nights. I kept looking for the show after the five weeks run, but no where to be found. After my wife educated me by letting me know this is how Tyler Perry usually does his shows to see how the viewers like it before continuing it. Please bring the show back, I LOVE IT!

Natashia Snell

i loved the show i am a parent so i do not go out to clubs or anything but on fridays i can always look forward to for better or worse please bring it back please

Debra L Williamson

I loved it!! I think it was his absolute best series yet. Much better than "The Browns" (buffonery) and better than "House of Payne" too. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Finally a successful though flawed AA couple who were trying to learn to trust again. Please bring it back!

tannara reyna

wow,really!just take the show off air like that huh? i really tryly related to markus n angela. its ashame to leave the show like that at least finish the damn seasonn BRING BACK OUR SOAP PLEASEEE —SAYS ME N MY HUBBY THAT FINALLY FOUND A SHOW WE BOTH CA AGREE TO WATCH SO SAD =((



Gloria Hickman

I really enjoy the show. It is something for adults to watch and learn from. We miss it at our house.

Jacqueline Kemp

Personally I enjoy the show. Maybe it was a little over the top but as a whole I thought the show was good. I was disappointed after looking for the show 3 WEEKS to find out it wasn't being aired. I am looking forward to seeing it in the near future.



naenae the realist campbell

i think they should bring back on better or worse cause its really a good show its shows how long you should be togther in a relationship and i enjoy watching every friday on tbs i can relate to this show and tyler perry doing a wonderful job doing this show pleasssssssssssssssseeeeeeeeeee bring this show back on the air tbs its really a good ass show tbs cause we dont really have to many black tv shows be on the air to much


i love for better or worse!! This is a show about my marriage and i need to see them come out of it…we are a little past the point of these characters?? Its refreshing to see a real marriage. not one that makes up aty the end of the show but one that goes to sleep and wakes up angry! Has fights infront of the kids…out of anger! I need a HUMAN show and tyler perry gave it to me
!! BLACK or WHITE it doesnt matter, HUMAN is HUMAN!! please put MY show back on this friday!!!!!!!!!!

euleta ford

whereis my show and when is it coming back. my show for better or worse

Mrs. Griff

I really enjoyed your show. One day I am watching it on Wen. then on Fridays. We do not care when I comes on or what day, I would love to be able to laugh and cry with some real people. I get so sick of seeing other shows come on and stay on the air. I loved Girl Friends, gone, Living Single, gone. We finally had our own black soap opera and we lose it before it get started good because of some haters. Tyler Perry continue doing what you are doing, you are making us laugh, cry, hope and dream, and you are putting it out their like it is. Some people need to laugh at a situation or they end up crying. We do to much of that now, most of your movies show people that it is alright to make mistakes as long as they educate their selves and do something about it, even if Madea has to come and let you know that it does not pay to be a fool forever. Bring back our Soap.

Geraldine Jennings

I can't find For Better or Worst. Is it still on the air?


Love this show.
It is totally real.
Please continue.

Great as usual Mr. Perry


Please bring for better or worse back i love this show.


I would love for this show to come back come on Tyler.

Wendy J



Oh i love this show i was balling.

Belinda Marks

Will there be another season of the show?


I love the show please bring it back!!!!

Tamia Jackson

I loved the show! The five weeks went by really quickly. I think Tyler Perry is an amazing writer. I think they should continue the show. Its better then the trash and I do mean TRASH that is on tv right now. (ie. bad girls club basketball wives love & hip hop) just to name a few. Big proops to Tyler Perry on the show ! ((:


loved the show!! please bring it back!!!


The show is fun, enlighten and full of entertainment which gives better options and balance for cultural programs. Keep the series and the delightful drama on air!


Please bring my show back I really love this show please it was getting to good


I love the show pppppppplease bring it back


I really love this show. Want to see more


My wife likes this show please continue to produce the show.

Thank you


What happened? My mom and I was looking forward to watching this show on friday nights. I love it please put it back on the air. Thanks!


i love this show please keep it up its so true but how come it isnt on today friday the 13th


i like the show alot really miss it put the new episodes on all ready

darrell wood

i love this show but supporting cast NEEDS HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I truly love the show please put it back on the air. You cant just leave us hanging empty handed.

cloretta gomez

Your Comment when is for better of worse coming back to tbs?



Mrs. Stew

I like the show, and with everything in life it's going to take time to reach 5 stars. We support every silly reality show or mess that's on T.V, why not give it, & them a chance. It reminds me of a day time soap. Also this is fiction as everything else we sit & consume with our eyes, to sit and criticize the producer, and cast is just as hideous as the acting everyone is complaining about. We're speaking of Tasha's character "Angela"how she is representing us as black women….it's FICTION! Tasha is a representation of herself and what African American women can accomplish. Also Michael & Tyler Perry, these individuals are established and their talent & credentials placed them there. These negative blogs & comments are such a waste of energy, take that and create your own PERFECT T.V. Series, or pray for the problem to become better.

a girl

I LOVE THAT SHOW but they tooked it off


I truly enjoy the show. I was not aware that last week was the last show. Do you know when it will start a new season? The show was soo good, I forgot that I was watching a 30 minute sitcom. The acting and plot was so good I thought that I was watching a movie. Tyler keep doing what you are doing. It gives married couples a realistic perspective of what we all go through in relationships – TRUST and COMMITMENT.


I saw an episode this past Friday. I didn't like it. There is something seriously missing with the show. I don't know if it's the acting, the writing, the watered-down attempt at "dramedy" or what.

I think he(TP) should have focused on continuing to develop House of Payne which I felt was getting better. Or even Meet The Browns. This new show was rushed and unnecessary.

And furthermore, I think it's past time for Tyler to become a full-time producer/investor and start funding up and coming AA writers, directors, actors who are having a hard time getting a foot in the door in Hollywood. There are many out there with great stories that just need someone with means(Tyler) to believe in their projects and be willing to risk the investment. Tyler has his own studio and has made many powerful contacts in HW that he could use to help the next Dee Rees find their way.

It's time for him to hang up his writer/director shingle and this show proves it.


We love the show, & all of Tyler Perry's Movies, we have seen them all.

Tony Littlejohn

i really enjoyed the show and wish that the show continue. the show was funny and had real life issues on adult problems and how women overreact too the simple things. and how even though we be forgiving on things the always keep things over men heads. and the fact they allow the past too always play apart in their relationships. i hope we can see more of this show…

djuna watts

I think this show is AWESOME. Viewer should stop looking for another "Meet the Browns" or "House of Pain"…even though those shows are just as AWESOME. FOR BETTER OR WORST is dealing with real life problems that some marriage face… I love the drama and well as the tibbits of comedy. Watching this show is like watching a night-time soap…and I can't wait to see what happens next. Big thanks to Mr. Perry for bringing something new to the table…and keeping it real….smooches.

Mamie Buford

Mr. Perry, most of TV episodes take forever for some real action to get started. But you, once again has put TV to a new level. For Better or Worse has started off with real action and real problems that we have in our marriages. I love you, I love your show, and may God continue to bless you. Tunica, MS.
P.S. This is the very first time I have ever went online to give a comment about a TV series. Its that good.

Ms. 227

This show really was horrible the writing and the acting were a downgrade from his other episodes. His product and content are watered down–new series, new play, new dvd and new movie all launching in a 3 month window. Just not something even his diehard fans can support until he puts better effort in the show's content and character development!

renee price

I like House of Pain and Meet the Browns but this show is terrible. The acting is bad and the script is awful. I don't feel like the show needs to continue. It insults my intelligence to watch it.

Tashie Brown

This show has no direction or plot…This is horrible! No laughing in the background is killing me…I wish he would focous on the House of Payne.


needs a laugh track, I don't know where the jokes are…and I'm not in a theater with an audience to help compensate.

U of I Alum

Poor Michael Jai White! He must be thinking: "I went from working with Quinton Tarrantino to working with Tyler Perry? What did I do to deserve this?"


Considering the qulaity — or lack thereof — of Tyler Perry's TV shows, "a show a day" is nothing spectacular. I thought they were spitting out three or four a day!!!


While everyone (rightly) tends to criticize TP's coonish content/characters, my main problems tend to be with his dismal storytelling and direction. His stories never add up and the timing is terrible. Why does it take a full 2 minutes for a punchline or point to be delivered? Why do we have to waste a full minute watching a character walk upstairs?? And for the love of God, you mean to tell me dude never met his boy's ex-wife??

If I had written any of TP's stories for an 8th grade English class, I'd fail.

The show definitely needs a laugh track, if for no other reason than to fill in the long, awkward pauses in between jokes and/or scene transitions. And the cast was pretty wack with the exception of MJW and TS.

That being said, I'm sure there's an audience for the show (like my family, who tied me down and roped me into watching) and it'll go on forever and ever like all his shows. :/

U of I Aum

Tasha Smith arrives late and announces, “You know Black women…” — implying they are always late. A troubling perpetuation of a nasty — and false — stereotype. She is perhaps the most annoying woman of color in the spotlight these days. The actors of the shows cast — mediocre all, except Michael Jai White — confound me in their attempts to feign oblivious to the stigmas associated with working with Tyler Perry. Tyler, for one attuned to the nuances, comes off as arrogant and defensive in the interview. Overall, to say I’m not impressed and won’t be watching, I guess that’s all implicit. Overall, the show is a manifestation, as usual, of TP's warped view of black love, relationships and family. (Did I mention how loud and annoying Tasha Smith is!)


I'm not clear on the tone of the show. The writing needs WORK. The jokes fall flat.


Its not meant to be funny! It do have funnyparts though. Its like a soap opera to me. I will continue to watch. P.s. I love seeing Michael Jai White's body!


I thought the show was AWFUL. Angela and the "baby mama" Keisha physically fighting in the foyer was ridiculous. The acting was awful and the writing was worse. I find it difficult to listen to Tasha yelling at the top of her voice. I needed to take and Advil to get through the second episode. Not once when watching WDIGM did I think, " Hey it would be nice to see more of Angela and Marcus"?.

ronnie s.

the scariest comment I heard in that video is when tasha smith said "We fight all the time because we love each other so much". I love my wife, but we disagree in love, we don't argue and fight. Bad message for Black couples is to treat one another like an enemy in the street based on love… WTF is that supposed to mean?




I watched it. I don't think he was trying to make the show funny. Is it supposed to be funny? I can't judge the whole series on one episode but I think he was just trying to get all the details out in this one. I don't think the show has much to build on. I was talking to someone about it the other day and she stated how tp's show aren't like the cosby show and other family shows she used to watch. I said that's because most of the shows aren't typical family like. Most family's aren't shaped like the one's in tp's world but they exist. This show is more like a couple's show instead of a family show.


I did check out the show only because I think Michael Jai White and Tasha Smith have great chemistry. There were some parts that I chuckled at, but he's should've included all the characters from the movie. I appreciate that Tyler was trying to steer away from House of Payne and Meet the Browns humor but it just fell flat. I hope that the episodes get better but to be honest, I don't think I would put off hanging out with friends on a Friday night to still down and watch the show.


I'm GLAD the show doesn't have a laugh track. I really wouldn't have been able to sit through it. Laugh tracks are just so outdated, in my opinion. Anyway, I watched the premiere, and as someone who despises practically everything TP churns out, I actually see this show as an improvement (at least a little). I'll tune in for a few more episodes to see where it goes – and that's saying something: I watched one episode each of Meet the Browns and House of Payne (Lance Gross is hot as hell), but refused to watch another episode. Too much coonery and tomfoolery. But I sort of liked For Better of for Worse. I guess I just find Michael Jai White to be rather hilarious (and beautiful) and Tasha Smith, while stereotypical and over the top, is really very funny most often. So, I'll keep watching, for now. At least there's no buffoonish crap on this show.


He needs to add a laughing track, stop showing them take hours to get upstairs, kill the baby momma drama and maybe a more diverse cast. At least there were no crackheads, yayy for black people everywhere!!


Tyler Perry needs to stop kidding himself. He's setting back PoC in a major way. I don't know how he keeps thinking these duds will actually receive critical acclaim; this one's more of a doozy than the other crap he's put out.

Between the laughter at domestic violence, the stereotypical portrayal of the ball-busting, loud, emasculating, unintelligent black woman, and the overall sucky production quality, I don't see this show sticking around for long. Thank God it won't.


For me, Marcus and Angela are the worst part of WDIGM. They're way too over the top (even for TP characters) and so not funny IMO. Nonetheless, I thought I would give this series a chance and….it's awful. Awful. Worse than House of Payne and Meet The Browns, both of which I've actually enjoyed at times. But For Better Or Worse? I didn't laugh once….not even a chuckle.


For worse. I will give Tyler credit for not making it a coon show, but it's still poorly written and painfully unfunny. On par with "Let's Stay Together," which is actually an improvement for Perry, but not anything I care to watch.


he needs a laugh track x the hill harper triplets or add more black folks, cuz too much corporate is gonna get boring..then it will be good. Also, Ima get tired of the Keisha and Tasha thing, he should have kept that going, since they made up theres no where for them to go.. but TP is good with the drama i suspect some more characters will be coming soon lest there b no drama. I mean i would like to see what happened to Jill and Lamman's characters i mean Good times was a spin off of raisin in the Sun it can be done. What happens to the others??


My sister payed attention. I just decided to continue reading my Human Target Graphic novel. Afterward my sister went on the computer to watch online extra. One of them was the live video with Tyler Perry and the cast. To me the show is just a very cheap soap opera or conventional sitcom. In the video Tyler made some points. He does give non white actors more opportunities than the Hollywood studios are willing to give.

At one point he called the show more sophisticated. I was somewhat shocked by this. I was curious if Tyler knew that cable scripted programmings are much what is progressive on all of tv. This and his other shows come no where near that quality.


i actually liked these characters in the movies but this show was so seriously UNFUNNY, i wanted to like it,I like tasha and micheal, but the writing is pretty horrible…sorry

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