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Trailer For Almost-Edgy Snow White and the Huntsman Sells Theron’s Sex Appeal

Trailer For Almost-Edgy Snow White and the Huntsman Sells Theron's Sex Appeal

The teaser trailer for “Snow White and the Huntsman” looks a dozen times better than Relativity’s saccharin “Mirror Mirror” stills. The new imagery does diminish “Huntsman”‘s purported edginess, probably because the fairy tale adaptation seeks to lure a large PG-13 crowd, which means that it can only be so dark, but “Huntsman” certainly takes a ballsier approach than “Mirror Mirror.” The almost-gothic VFX-packed trailer’s main draw is the sexy-evil Charlize Theron, although we’re not sure about her accent– and this sure looks like her Dior ads. Check out the trailer and more images below:

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Tellar Calcagno

Snow White and the Huntsman will be better than Mirror, Mirror because it has the stronger cast and it will be at least be the more critically successful movie. In addition, unlike Mirror, Mirror, the Queen in this film looks like an evil villain.


This movie was always going to be pg-13. Filmmakers call EVERTYTHING edgy now to try selling the same old, same old. Of course they are selling Theron's sex appeal. They will sell Stewart's too as Snow White in the next trailer. That's how these "female-power" movies made by men end up. Just look at sucker punch for your example. Stewart is not wearing a mini skirt but her top is getting lower and lower to show us some tits. That's Hollywood.

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