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Trailer Watch: Mirror, Mirror

Trailer Watch: Mirror, Mirror

Here's the trailer for the second Snow White movie coming out next year.  It looks much better than I thought it would.  Nathan Lane playing sidekick to the evil Queen, Julia Roberts.  And Snow White seems to actually have  bit of spunk.  I'm not writing this one off yet.

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de Pizan

Kate, I don't think she was comparing it to the other upcoming Snow White (there are previous entries on it which said it looked more interesting than this one and remarking on the warrior princess image in that film); but is rather comparing it to the legends and the animated version. Where Snow White does indeed lack spunk.

Gemma Files

Yeah, I'm sorry, but this is pretty horrifying. It's like a three-minute embarrassment squick montage.


To each their own but this looks awful. J Robert's accent is terrible. She comes off as catty not evil. It reminds me of that Brandy & Whitney Houston Cinderella remake… only that was for tv so it was excusable how campy it was.


I thought this trailer was surprisingly bad, but to each his own. I don't understand this comment though, "And Snow White seems to actually have bit of spunk." The two Snow White movies coming out next year are so patently different they really shouldn't be compared. But if you want to bring it up, the other Snow White is more of a warrior princess type, so I don't see how that lacks "spunk". If you're just biased against the actress playing her bc of those Twilight films, I guess I'm disappointed. I've seen similar disparaging comments on "feminist" blogs like Jezebel, if you can call that one, from people who make conjectures based on writeups in gossip blogs, seemingly. "Mirror, Mirror" is definitely not my type of film, and I'm not in the target audience, so maybe I'm biased, but you brought up the comparison.


I'm looking forward to this one (probably more than the other film). It seems like the cast is enjoying themselves in these roles, and I like that. I like that this Snow White is also fighting back. I could easily get behind this film. (I hope I do!)

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