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Trailer Watch UK: The Iron Lady Shows a Fierce Meryl Streep, May Screen Too Late for New York Critics

Trailer Watch UK: The Iron Lady Shows a Fierce Meryl Streep, May Screen Too Late for New York Critics

The latest UK Trailer for Phyllida Lloyd’s “The Iron Lady” showcases a pearl-bedecked Meryl Streep as Margaret Thatcher, the first and only woman to serve as the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. As one of the most powerful and influential women of the 20th century, Thatcher battled plenty of prejudice against her gender in order to lead her country, as the trailer reveals.

“The Iron Lady” will be one of the last films to open in limited release this year, on December 30th.  The question is whether all the members of the New York Film Critics Circle will be able to see the film as well as Stephen Daldry’s late-breaking “Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close” in time for their November 28 vote date. UPDATE: NYFCC spokesman John Anderson assures me that while some disrributors may be purposely jostling to be the last to screen their films before the critics’ vote, “we’re going to see everything we need to see.” Several critics have admitted to me that seeing everything by their deadline is proving to be difficult indeed.


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Confirmed release date and new trailer up:


The music on the end of the trailers for THE ARTIST and IRON LADY is the same. Quite lovely, but an unusual choice for two films from the same company in the same season, no?


As chairman of the NY Film Critics Circle, I'd like to thank you for letting me know that we are debating what to do. I was unaware. I'm also quite glad no one contacted me for comment, because it would have been very embarrassing for me not to have been aware that such discussions were taking place. Or that we are in fact not going to see the movies the representatives of which have told me we are, in fact, going to see. As you can imagine, I'm very grateful for your better-than-up-to-the-minute reporting. It's positively clairvoyant.

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