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Tyler Perry Overexposure? 4 New Movies In 2012 (Including 1 w/ Madea); Has 2 New Scripts Penned; TV Network A Go!

Tyler Perry Overexposure? 4 New Movies In 2012 (Including 1 w/ Madea); Has 2 New Scripts Penned; TV Network A Go!

Reading THIS profile on his eminence Mr Tyler Perry done by Variety, celebrating the 7th season of his TV series House Of Payne, and also taking a look at his upcoming slate of films, all of which we’ve covered here on S&A.

A few things to note…

First, wow, 7 seasons of House Of Payne? I wasn’t keeping track, but that’s serious, especially in the current climate when networks are dropping shows like hot potatoes after 1 season (some times less) of less than hoped for audience ratings. So, kudos to Mr Perry I suppose, even though I don’t at all care for the show. Obviously a lot of folks do for it to have lasted this long.

Second… even though it hasn’t been formally announced yet, and despite the fact that Perry already has 3 films scheduled for release in 2012, he said he plans to release a new Madea film in 2012 as well! Great! I was just wondering when he’d drop another Madea joint. He’s not yet sure what this Madea tale will involve however. So make that 4 Tyler Perry films to be released in 2012 – 3 he stars in (Good Deeds, I, Alex Cross, and whatever the Madea movie will be); 1 he’s directing right now (The Marriage Counselor). Talk about overkill. If I were him, I’d give some thought to the possibility of overexposure. Then again, I’m not him.

Third, with regards to Good Deeds, Perry says that he actually wrote the script for it intending to cast someone else to star, stating, “I was trying to find someone else to play the role, but all of the actors I wanted were doing other movies, so I decided I had to do it myself.

Really? Somehow I find that hard to believe; specifically that he couldn’t find another black male actor to take the lead role in this, given how often the lack of work for black actors is brought up and discussed. I’m now curious as to who these black actors were that we wanted for the lead role in this, and what other movies exactly they were too busy working on that they’d give up the opportunity to work and collect a frigging paycheck (probably a decent-sized one too). Unless he was going after Will Smith or Denzel Washington. Who else is THAT busy right now that they wouldn’t have taken the job and the check? I know some folks may have an aversion to appearing in a Tyler Perry movie, but, come on, a job is a job, and a paycheck is a paycheck… especially when you’re not exactly fielding offers left and right.

Fourth, Perry says that while shooting I, Alex Cross, he apparently had a lot of time between takes and shoot days that he, well, ended up writing scripts for 2 more movies during those down periods. 

It was like a vacation, actually… I had so much down time on set that I ended up writing two movies,” he said. And what are those 2 movies he penned? No word yet, but the Variety profile says that they are “in the early stages.

And lastly, as announced over the summer, Perry reiterated his plans to follow in his pal Oprah Winfrey’s steps and start his own TV network, which will be backed by Lionsgate of course. To be called Tyler TV, no launch date has been set yet, but it’s coming for sure. “I’m moving very carefully towards a network… I’m doing that deliberately because I want to make sure it’s the right fit. There are millions of people who have supported me over the years who are longing for it,” he said.

And he’s probably right about that last part! Even though some of them recently expressed anger over his casting of Kim Kardashian in The Marriage Counselor, saying they’ll boycott the movie (and possibly even him) if he doesn’t cut her out of the film. He isn’t. There’s gold in them thar hills, and Tyler wants his share of it. Can you blame him? He can’t be stuck doing Madea or adapting his stage plays forever, if he’s to have any longevity in this business, and I’m sure he knows that well.

So, it’ll be interesting to see how his loyal pious base reacts to this new-look Tyler Perry that’s emerging and that will present itself starting in 2012, with leading man roles in 2 movies – one an action/thriller. Will they follow the leader


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mrs robbie bham alabama

2 all u tyler perry haters some people like it real their is a madea in every family wather u like it r not go talk 2 the madea n your family maybe you will stop hatein lol sometime

Mark & Dark

Guess people are bore with recent posts. Zzzzzzzzzzz


You took the time to write an article about something you don't like. And yet you wonder why he is doing well? The reason is that even though people don't care for him or the work he puts out they will find the time to sit and write an article about him. lol

Hater juice on aisle 8

Natasha Botes

Mr Perry, please put Madea more in your movies. The only people who don't want her in your movies are white. Don't blame them, they all live in their little world of fakeness. We in South Africa love Madea. The real deal, the person that all of us need in our lives. A strong willed, honest, no nonsense taking mother, friend, collegue, brother, sister etc. Please just bring Madea more often, as she makes you look at life through different eyes. Or actually you make us look at life through different eyes.


Felicia: you are a racist disgrace.


I don't know why Shadow and Act continues to hate on Tyler Perry? I am so tired of Tambay and his writers hating on Tyler Perry because he's so successful. Steve Harvey is doing his thing TLAM did very well at the box office and his movie isn't perfect. I don't see Tambay or his writers attacking Steve Harvey? Even though some people think Steve Harvey's book is misogynistic and anti woman.
Is it because Tyler is a successful gay black man doing his own thing? Is it because Tyler is so successful and very powerful in Hollywood? Perry is all about making MONEY. And I say go right ahead Tyler make that MONEY!
Madea's Witness Protection made $65 million dollars with only a $20 million dollar budget. Now this doesn't include DVD sales, or being screened on netfix or cable outlets in the next few years. Perry is making MONEY and he is giving his audience what they want.


lol why are people trying to keep this post alive? The last comments were in August and a month later yall coming back here to kick up dust? Who is paying you? PUT ME ON!!


A retro nigger is a person who can be any race!!! a person who is jealous, ignorant, and envious and some other stuff. it is a whole list.


SHUT UP!!! THATS WHY BLACK PEOPLE NEVER GOING TO MAKE IT IN SOCIETY BECAUSE PEOPLE ALWAYS WANT TO SAY STUPID STUFF. LISTEN HERE LEAVE TYLER ALONE AND GET OFF YOUR BUTT AND DO SOMETHING. OK. it have white people who love tyler perry and dont think he is over exposed ok. YOU JUST A RETRO NIGGER WHO WANTS TO SEE HER OWN PEOPLE DOWN!!! NO one say a word when white people are over exposed!!!! so shut up!!!!! whore! we never going to make it bc of you. slut!!! blacks want to see there own people DOWN!! we are trying to make it!!

if you not black than suck it you jealous tramp!!!!


I love Tyler Perry's movies. I can't wait to see all of his new movies. He is very talented and
his movies are so true how we were brought up in the 50's. I never talked back to my Mom and
respected all adults. Big differece in our world today. But I loved my parents even tho they were strict. Our family had a hard life and we didn't have much but we respected our parents.
I watch a lot of Perry's movies over and over again, always makes me laugh and think. More people need to watch closely and relax. thank you Mr. Perry

Emmanuel Amoafo

I can't even blink an EYE when watching any Tyler Perry's production. I want to be a creative director but hope to be like Tyler that is, if not better than him. I love you soooo much.You are my MENTOR.


He's not only overexposed but talentless. He's a cliche with legs.

Moira Cesar

Tyler Perry is a great guy, very human creative and his a big fan of all his creation and above all his a christian, may God mighty hand be upon him always,,,….
God bless u Tyler


Tyler Perry makes great movies an I for one have and will have every one of his movies n last but not least i'm a huge madea fan she is hilarious so I hope there is millions more madea movies

jewel groce

I just hate that Mr.Perry would cast Kim Kardashian in his movie. Why would any one want to support this no talent person? What has this family done in life so far as to deserve any attention.? She does not deserve any movie roles. This whole family is living off the public with their lifestyles. What is wrong with people today that they feel the need to know these people last took a dump?


I just want to know when are the rest of tyler perry's plays and movies will reach the stores? I have been very loyal to him so much so that I have started a tyler perry libray with all of his work. I do not think that it if right to cut us his fans off from the rest of the plays or movies. I am so much into them that I have two of each, one as a back up.


i just love this movie so much


When an abused wife actually starts to BELIEVE she can do better, she will. We get what we believe we deserve, my people.



ms candy

i read comments without any intention of posting one myself until i read "madea is an embarrassment". WELL let me tell yall what is embarrassment in black culture today. we used to black and proud, wore natural hair styles, daishikis, helped each other in the neighborhoods, in the churches, loved each other. NOW embarrassing is being black and being seen in the same building with people with horse hair glued in their head, fake ass nails, hooker shoes on, ass hanging out,brown striped drawers showing, thinking they are cute,looking so damn nasty and disgusting with their ENTIRE ASS hanging out of pants. why wear em just dont put the shit on.
walking like they got a whole bucket of shit in the pants trying to hold dem gross looking pants up, young black girls trying to be dykes wearing same disgusting male outfits, i can find some more but do you get the picture of embarrassing yet. i hope so. and furthermore tyler perry is a
god's child doing good deeds and he like all of us will answer to god for our misgivings. he sure isdoing hella good instead going down a path of agangbanging dope dealing, killing, like he could easily have done coming from where he came from. say it loud tyler you black and you proud and so am i. god bless you and keep on trucking my brother in christ. love ya.

shirley Walker

Here we go we complain about not enough black role models for our young not enough positive movies for our teenagers not enough black actors on tv or the big screen, not enough black directors or producers, then when somebody comes along goes rags to riches make all his dreams come true plus a lot others, smart and handsome and we complaning about over exposure, for real, my only beef is not having enough talent to be in one of those films, SOUNDS FAMILIAR?????

'Mapatso Mohale

You inspire me, my live has changed due to the influence of your movies particularly of marriage. I have being emotionaly abused but my father, he used to beat my mother since then and now hence I hate marriage but I once tried and its over now. Can you place continue with the movie why did I get married. According to me, its like you can produce it every year, it brings my joy back, I learn at the same time cry and laugh. God bless you and give you more thoughts to change the world.


Love Love Love God ….and a Godly man Mr Tyler Perry for bringing us movies with inspiration and meaning…as long as he is making movies and plays I will see them


i love all your movies, keep on with the restorative work.


I, for one, can't wait to see all of Tyler Perry’s upcoming movies. I get so excited about movies showcasing the positive aspects of black male/black female relationsh….*snicker* Sorry. Try as I might, I couldn't say that with a straight face.

J Mhende

I absolutely love the movies of Mr Tyler Perry. Only wish could get hold of more on the british scene.

It is such a previlage to have someone of your class and talent creating such master pieces' for the children of this age.

Thank you and may the Lord continue to bless you in the work that you create.

God Bless you.


Tyler Perry keep on keeping on and keep God first. God said if HE be lifted
up he would draw all men unto himself and he would exalt the humble but
pride come before destruction. God bless you. xoxo.

rosa johnson

I Love Mr Tyler Perry movies and plays you go for it God Bless You .


Cleopatra Jones you are exactly right!! Tyler Perry has the POWER to become global and in the eyes of those racists-wealthy-eugenecists who have worked hard to keep minorities poor and unequal, having that power is dangerous. It's dangerous because they fear Perry can start a revolution in the minds of the Black community which means getting them to think differently about their value and worth, spend their money differently, and get Blacks to understand we are stronger/more powerful TOGETHER! The racist-wealthy-eugenecists who have run and are still running this world do not want Blacks to WAKE THE HELL UP out of this mental and spiritual fog that has become them due to acculturation.


I love Tyler's movies no matter who is in them. He always has a good meaning behind them and they are movies you can watch with the whole family. Keep it up Tyler. I even love the plays more, due to the fact that they are live and Madea always has her two sense to throw in at the end and all those old songs. Love them.


You're such a hater! Get over yourself! All that negativity can't be nutritious. Try watching Tyler's movies; not with a judgemental mind and you'll see why people love his movies. There's always a learnt lesson if not many on life after each and every one of his movies. And for your info: we actually love it when he acts in his movies. And all those who are busy claiming to be christian and all what happened to not judging and letting God be the judge? If you won't support Tyler, that's your choice; by the way he didn't beg you to! Kim Kardashian acting or not I'm still a fan of Tyler Perry's movies

rico porter

Hello…first i want to say tonite have been a bad nite for just find out house of payne is coming to the end.i m so sad but cryin every since da show went off.never knew that i was going to fall in love with my t.v family.i raised my kids off those wonderful people.i love yall hate to see you go but do of payne forever ……god bless .tyler u are da best love u.mississippi n here


I sometimes hate the world we live in. We are so doublestandard and so wishy washy and I must say, opinionated about everything. How do we praise a white president (Role Model for the entire America) and even title him the first black president and he smoked but didn't enhale, he committed adultry and betrayed not only his family, but his countrymen and women and we not only got over it, but would have put him back in? There are many other examples that can be used of how we side where we want to side. I think we can be so hypocritical and especially as Christians! Tyler is working and despite our mindset that "we" made him but yet were are God bless this and that and as soon as somethng doesn't go "our" way, we are going against every moral we say we have convictions in. He is working and we go to work to make money. God is Tyler's judge and He can take care of any wrong decisions or doing without "our" help. He is my brother in Christ and I make worng choices and decisions everyday, I would hate for my family or my sisters and brothers in the spirit to walk out on me because of their conviction. If Tyler is wrong and what he is dong is sin, THEN you make the decision for rightiousness but having Kim in a movie is not sin but I'll tell you what is, a man dressing in women attire and a woman dressing in men attire. Read Deu. in Old Test. yet, we ignore God's word forreal again, for what is convenient for us when we want to. So if your going to talk about religion, role models, good and bad…. we turn the cheek plenty of times to what we want and what we will except. From politians to that rap some of yall still promote, sin, lust and plenty of sexually explicit entertainment that we allow our children to listen to and be apart of (for the same love of money that Tyler has. Might I add that takes care of rent and bills and that God made and that we need). Let's wait till we get to Heaven to see what God really has to say about our so called morals and convictions. That's why the world doesn't want Christ, we are a bunch of hypocrites who do what we want when want and we don't stand for truth the way we should. We except all the time things that God is against in this world. Kim deserves the same right of passage that God gave my dirty sinful, nasty self what right do I have, to say what she shouldn't be be apart of. We ought to hope that Tyler will use this gift to speak into her life and take this opprotunity to show a REAL Christ. I really hope that we can get to what Jesus was. He loved the prostetutes, pimps, crocked tax collectors and everything that needed a Savior, who are we to act the way the way we do. Close your mouth and pray and God will move. And just don't go see it. But I'm sure you have a child that you need to be pulling out of BET or a husband that you haven't given sex to in a month or a co-worker that you need to ask forgiveness of for gossipping or a boss that you need to write a check to for stealing all those supplies, you conveniently think nothing is worng with. You see, we all have something going on in our own lives that we need cleasing from. From the smallest to everything in-between and I have enough on my plate than to worry about who Tyler choices to be in a movie. I love him and I choose to go see good movies rather it's Tyler or Bradd Pitt. In this season, I like as many laughs and good times in film as I can get. I am hoping that we all can learn from our own issues and welcome Kim and anyone else in order to get a message of truth across to them while we have them in our presence. And remember, God didn't speak to us about Tyler's vision, He spoke to Tyler! We are to do what we've been called to do and God knows what he has ok'd for Tyler to do. Let's stop the critisim and truly get back to the roots of Godliness and that is, walking in truth all the time and not just when it's covenient. And "We" didn't make Tyler, God used us to do in Tyler's life what He had planned for him before the foundation of this earth was laid. May the Lord bless us all and may we speak less and do more.


you have to give Mr. Tyler Perry his respectable credit, for staying on top of his A + game :-)

OCtavian Marsh

I think it woul dbe good for Martin Lawernce, Jamie Foxx and Tlyer Perry, needs to do that skank robbers film. That would be very good.


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It's amazing how low people will get just to make some money. Tyler started out making "Christian" based plays encouraging people and making them laugh at the same time. Over the course of time he has just been getting more and more laxed in this industry. As a young woman I am appalled at this new low of his. Casting this jezebel to make some money?! I won't support anything of his at all any longer, and people can say what they want about me.

Masha Dowell

This post was negative. I don't care for all of his projects, but he inspires me by his work ethic and focus. I'm inspired by how he uses his time to create. Keep up the good work Mr. Perry.


Floyd Webb

Time to stop hating on Tyler Perry and start commiting to the production of mo' bettah movies. Why even waste anymore bandwidth talking about him. Do for SELF. Support the filmmakers you believe in. Help them with finance, support them at festival, help them get to festivals. If we want something different we have to make it. In 2012 I promise not to say a bad word about Tyler Perry. I promise to support and promote an alternative progressive Black Independent Cinema with even more ferocity than I have for the past 30 years.

skinny 2013

well i think kim kardashian should do the movie and nobody shouldnt boycott the movie. Thats dumb yall people should grow up and get a life.


Tyler Perry needs to stop. I imagine he's pretty embarrassing to the black community what with furthering stereotypes and all, which is weird because he seems well spoken but he couldn't write an intelligent/funny script no matter how much downtime on the set he had.

Adam Scott Thompson

Citizen Coon persists.


still think it was low-class to steal Idris's Alex Cross part, Hollywood will never accept him was a leading man, even if his is rich, famous, whatever!


So many of the comments are been negative and indignant. Tyler Perry has successfully and carefully built a brand that has expanded into other ventures in addition to films. Part of the reason he continues to write films that include Madea is because so many of his films have been based on his plays. The people that pat to see his movies do so by choice not force. I never heard anything critical, hateful, or negative about him when he was just producing plays. You can't please everyone and fortunately for him, he isn't trying to. If he was a white man making movies that included a female character based on his "Aunt Gertrude" with the same level of success, would the criticism be worse? It's so sad to see this constant barrage of hate towards him and yet nobody really pays attention to the fact that one of the most powerful African American women on the planet has bowed down to corporate elitists, lynch mob media executives, and The New World Order Leaders. What is Oprah doing to change the tide for black folks in media, publishing, and film? Absolutely nothing, and while her empire continues to grow and all of her non-profit organisations bring in huge sums of cash ,will it compel her to focus more on extending her power, influence, and money to change the tide in the entertainment industry for her own people? Seriously, it's about time to let Tyler Perry be.


Some people forget this is America. You alone are responsible for your own success. Quit waiting for some one else to give you a break. Seriously, it ugly to write about some else's achievements in an envious way. If you were never taught the Christian way of life at least have some decency and quit embarrassing your families. Your envious opinions reflect poor up bringing.


@Orville You're right, Tyler Perry did not have the connections. He is one out of Every millionth black person who has made it to the Top without connections. Can you name any others…. I'll wait? I think he can do more for "Black Hollywood" like give other Screenwriters a chance. Too me he is SELFISH… yes I said it, selfish. His movies are basically the same… and me personally, not a big fan. However, I do have to admit… I think he did a good job with Why Did I Get Married (1) and For Colored Girls. Is this it for Black Folks… Tyler Perry style movies. You mean to tell me we don't have any other creative black folks out there. We're stuck with (I hate to sound like the Devil) just christian based films, gang banging, drug dealing, or all that other stuff we seem to only enjoy making. I have not seen a good black love story since Love and Basketball. We need more of a positive variety that don't necessarily involve Faith & Family. So, I do think Tyler Perry can do more for Black folks when it comes to Film… other than the same 10-12 he has worked with during his whole career.

tina peterson

mr.perry watch house of payne first air on tv love it. but since change to friday night. i work late miss new episole, that which i hate. but when i pay up my cable bill , i'll will upgrade to dvr i love the cast of house of payne and mr. tyler perry.


IDRIS WAS going to do alex cross… i think i heard that. I love james patterson and am very disappointed they chose this guy for the role. Has James not been up to speed on Luther on BBC? come on! Idris is an amazing actor and would be amazing to the alex cross role. I will wait to watch marriage counselor AND i, alex cross for free. Not wasting my money when i know I will be disappointed. so sad when it comes down to connections and not RAW talent for Kim k AND TP as alex cross. LAME


I also want to add Tyler Perry is not just popular with black people he has crossover. White people, Asian people, Native American people love Tyler Perry. Tyler has a brand and his brand is expanding. Forbes Magazine named Tyler the top male entertainer for the year 2010 and he made $130 million. So while Shadow and Act doesn't like Tyler I am not going to attack a black man that MADE IT. Also, I don't see other black directors having the pull that Tyler has with the black audiences. When will the people that run this blog admit Tyler is VERY popular. People aren't interested in high art or stuffy boring movies they just want to be entertained. Tyler has a formula and people love his work.


Tambay I think Tyler Perry's done enough for black Hollywood. I also think you are wrong to criticize Tyler for taking the male lead role in Good Deeds. I really believe it is time for these black directors, screenwriters, actors to stop complaining about find a way. Tyler Perry did not have connections when he started out and he found a way to the top. So it is possible.


Overexposed?! Give me a freakin’ break… and lets put this in it’s proper perspective. First, movie watching is a CHOICE, okay. Millions use it as their sanctuary, the one place they can go to shut out the distractions — good and bad — of real life. Well, now lets talk about other sanctuaries, overexposure, fools, coons and buffoon———————-LETS PLAY MUSICAL CHAIRS. Sit yo coonish, buffoonish fool-ass down if you watch over 8 hours of television a week. And wait, throw in another 3 hours of news shows. That’s right, while you’re in the sanctuary of your home imbibing over 2 hours of commercials (total time) , crime shows, The Game, “Housewifely Scanks From Several Cities”, the View and which pervert raped another kid…sit yo dumb moaning-ass down if you’ve been blasting Tyler Perry’s 1 hour and thirty minute movies WHICH YOU DO NOT HAVE TO SEE. But the music is still playing, so should we talk about the host of positive images and positive messages you’re receiving from that bag of messy filth!?————————————————–And you know what, it’s really kind of punk-ish to vent on another man’s game. Really, isn’t that a bitches move to call a brotha all kinds of vicious names while at the same time you’re spending your hard earned cash on white products of the most vile and pimpish & impish nature? Who does that kind of BULLSHIT? I’ll tell you who…COONS & BUFFOONS QUASI-WANNABE-PRETENDING LIKE THEY ARE INTELLECTUALS who are actually wearing the Emperor's New Clothes. —————————————–How in the hell can they talk about Tyler Perry when they’re exposing and loving their own naked ass misdeeds and stupid behavior…on a daily basis? That reminds me, since some folks have been throwing scripture around up in here, I wonder if anyone has heard the one about “casting the first stone”? If you have, do I have to say it——————————-SIT YO ASS DOWN CUZ YOU’VE BEEN EXPOSED AND YOUR SHIT STANKS TOO!


What's the real issue here? Tyler is polarizing, prolific and popular. He's true to his brand. No amount of attack will deter him from the goals he's set forth. He will accomplish them all because he is focused. I have stated in the past that I am no fan of his (as a filmmaker). I admire his business acumen and work ethic. I have questions about the amount of help/opportunities he's actually providing black artists. It seems to me when someone of caliber works with him, it's because no other job offers were presented to them. No one mentions wanting to work with him on a dream project. It often comes down to desperation on the part of the thespian.

Regardless, I'm through bashing him. I'm just focusing on my own creative endeavors. I just don't have the energy or desire to analyze TP anymore. He is what he is. He does what he does. We all have access to creative energy, so we should focus on creating our own projects and stop expecting hand-outs. Move on. Tyler ain't gonna help you. He's made it crystal clear. Move on and do YOUR OWN THANG!


@Cree, you need to study your word more CREE. Satan places people in position of power as well. Read Luke 4:5


Ya know, I'll say this. Somebody once told me that an Artist is someone that is polarizing. There is no "sorta like them" or "meh, they're okay". It is or it ain't. Guess Tyler truly fits that definition.


Tyler Perry is RICH… Tyler Perry is FAMOUS… Tyler Perry has a STRONG FAN BASE….Tyler Perry is the HIGHEST PAID ENTERTAINER OF 2011….Tyler Perry has 4 movies coming out in 2012…. Tyler Perry IS BLESSED IF ANYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYBODY have a problem with THIS LONG LIST OF ACCOMPLISHMENTS………TALK TO GOD!!!!!! He is the one WHO DOES ALL THE BLESSINGS!!!!

Darla & Mark

It amaze me the audacity of people who label Tyler work as coonery yet in the same breath want his coonery, buffoonery, ghetto, dirty, flirty, foul money to make other black movies. Tyler money is tainted why touch it; it is like using a drug dealer money to buy computers for a black community center.
Struggling black filmmakers was in Hollywood struggling years before Tyler ever set foot in Hollywood, some got a chance to make movies, when they did, black people didn’t go to the movies so white Jewish executives dump them. Was that Tyler fault before 2005?
Just like any other struggling black filmmaker who went to Hollywood with a movie ideal, Liongate gave Tyler a chance and when they did, both Tyler and Liongate hit the jackpot with movies that attract the attention of four to five millions black female. It same that some people want to punish Tyler for that.
The person who said Liongates is buying %30 of Tyler movie tickets, stop it that is just hate, don’t make no kind of business sense.
Don’t worry Tyler will be the last man standing on 12/31/12 with a pocket full of money.


@ NONPPC, there's work at the post office.
@ Cleopatra Jones, people have a right to vent their opinions whether good or bad. The let's all be positive slogan and bury your head under the sand thought process is what happened to Penn State. Black people are so used to bending over and taking it, that's why we are in the state we are in!
I was so close to the completion of my death star. Tyler Perry continues on… Damn.


So fed up with this. this is why we as people are so behind the curb in Hollywood… because a black man in lipstick and a dress has been dubbed the poster boy for Black Cinema. It's disgusting, I am a Black filmmaker who makes POSITIVE imaged based films that have high production value, yet it's harder to get budgets for films if it's not destroying our image thanks to this fool. fans didn't make tyler rich… lions gate and the people who want to push their agenda is who made him rich. lionsgate buys thirty percent of the tickets for tylers movies to ensure that he has a solid opening weekend… why, because lemmings follow the leader.


He has so much money and power that it's a shame he's too selfish to allow others to write his scripts; there are many talented writers out there looking for work, especially black writers, who rarely get the attention they deserve. The man will probably keep churning out the same "quality" work forever until he realizes his own weaknesses. He's the Michael Bay of black cinema; quantity over quality. By the way, he once mentioned something about killing off the Madea character. What happened with that? He probably doesn't want to lose any money because Madea is one of the only things he can write on a consistent basis and guarantee himself box office success, which isn't to say it's good, just his forte.


*SIGH* I don't know whether to laugh or cry.


He'll be riding Madea until he drops dead in that fat suit. I wouldn't be shocked if he made her his mascot for the cable network. With all the other black networks coming out, he better get as much money as he can now. Even broke, hungry people get tired eating at McDonald's everyday.

2012 will be an interesting year: "real fans" boycotting Marriage Counselor and James Patterson fans boycotting the Alex Cross movie. Good Deeds might be the only solid TP hit. Madea? If they aren't tired of he/she/it yet.

Cleopatra Jones

5 out of 7 comments to blast Tyler…negativity is a sickness, and that shit is eating you all ALIVE! I guess most of you didn't bother to type a single positive comment congratulating The First Grader or Kinyarwanda on their success. Or donate to any of the IndieGogo Projects posted on this site. Yet you complain about the "coonery" that's out here. Yeah, okay.


I think that abandoning his core audience will be his downfall. He is not as talented an actor as Denzel, Will or Idris and Hollywood cast him as Alex Cross on name recognition. I am not a fan of his coonery and his formulaic plots. His audience will be ripe for the picking if some other hack comes along.


He is officially the McDonald's of the filmmaking world. Madea is his McRib. Here's how it's done boys and girls, saturate the market with hastily made dreck for a hungry and under served audience looking for something convenient to sate their appetites. Think quickness and quantity, not quality.

Way to go, Calvin!

..I mean…Tyler


Why…when I say that Tyler is a business person FIRST, just like allll the rest of folks in Hollywood, do people look at me like I'm growing a second head? He's handling his B-I-Z, not going to the mountaintop to save Black folks.

Like he said.."I know my audience".


Who else is THAT busy right now that they wouldn't have taken the job and the check? I know some folks may have an aversion to appearing in a Tyler Perry movie, but, come on, a job is a job, and a paycheck is a paycheck… especially when you're not exactly fielding offers left and right.

perhaps the actor doesn't watch to damage their path toward mainstream, oscar caliber films. Even Idris said something slick about Tyler type movies after Daddys Little Girls. He must have wanted Shemar Moore but Shemar is doing a TV show now. I am trying to think of other light skin actors who have a name big enough to open a movie


With all of these projects in various stages of development, does he even sleep?


I had to laugh . . . he wrote TWO scripts during filming . . . given that not a single film he's done has had even decent writing . . . maybe Mr. Perry should focus on refining just one


So busy, and yet he still does a lot of it himself! If only he'd hire others to write/doctor his scripts, act in and direct his films, he could not only employ more people of color in the industry but also his stuff would be better. Sigh, this "me doing me" mentality is not good for black media. Strength in numbers.

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