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Updates On Spike Lee’s “Oldboy” – Shoot Dates, New Plot Elements Added, Ending A Bit Darker, More…

Updates On Spike Lee's "Oldboy" - Shoot Dates, New Plot Elements Added, Ending A Bit Darker, More...

Collider spoke to producer Roy Lee about a number of upcoming projects on his slate, including Spike Lee’s Oldboy adaption, which Josh Brolin is attached to star in.

Here’s are the goods:

– Lee says preproduction will start in late January, with principal photography likely to commence in March.

– It’s very similar to the original, but they’ve added some new elements that he says will “throw off the audience who have seen the original movie because there are new characters and new situations that present themselves in a way that changes the story but eventually go in the same direction.” Hmmm… Ok. Guess we’ll have to wait to learn more about what he means by all of that.

– As for whether the new film will retain some of the controversial elements of the original, Lee says that “the ending will be something that the audiences will all be… especially the fans of the original… will be very happy with. In fact, some may consider it to be a bit darker.” Again, hmm… darker? Really? That’s surprising given that it’s a Hollywood remake; how much darker than the original are they willing to go here? We’ll see.

– And lastly, will Spike’s rendition copy the infamous hallway fight sequence in Park Chan-wook’s film? Lee’s reply? “There’s a sort of different interpretation of that hallway scene that is going to hopefully be Spike’s signature moment in the movie that we want to show in a way that we’ve never seen done in an action movie.” One more time… hmmm… the only signature Spike-ism is his dolly shot, which I think we’re all familiar with. So, should we be imagining that hallway sequence with that particular perspective in mind? Further I’d ask why even attempt to copy that scene from Park Chan-wook’s film? If they’re taking liberties with the work, come up with something entirely fresh.

Anywho… if this is to go before cameras next March, then we should very well be seeing pieces of this baby by this time next year; in fact, the film could be in theaters late in 2012.

Read Collider’s full interview with producer Lee HERE.

Stay tuned…

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Why can't Americans just watch the orginal versions of films and call it a day. The Korean
Oldboy is Awesom and if you see Spike Lee's you need to see how the film was intended to be shown. I am sure his will be good as well, but if you are going to change it why not call it something else. Oldboy is the second in a trilogy of revenge films please see them if you are going to let yet another American steal story lines from already brillent foreign films. Same goes for the Girl (dragon tattoo, plays with fire and kicks hornets nests) films they are already exellent movies that should not be overshadowed by hollywood. If you are looking for other amazing Asian films here are my picks. I SAW THE DEVIL, MAN FROM NOWHERE, ICHI THE KILLER, MACHINE GIRL and the rest of the trilogy for Old boy SYMPATHY FOR MR. VENGENCE and SYMPATHY FOR LADY VENGENCE. Give them a try middle American you might just find a new love in foreign films. Try Frances Frontiers and Them while your at it.


The incest theme of the original was hard to sit through.


i can almost bet that spike's interpetation of PARK Chan-wook's notorious hallway (#) will proably draw from his (mine, too) Akira Kurusawa's [hallway #] in Drunken Angel or maybe Saijun Suzuki's -Branded to Kill/Detective Bureau23:Go to Hell,Bastards; check back with me , if it not's so:)?.


"the only signature Spike-ism is his dolly shot"

Also, his use of color, music (loud) and his montages, which are always done in the same gritty style (He Got Game, Summer of Sam, 25th Hour). He also tries a variety of different camera tricks in each of his films. I don't think he'll come close to the original, but knowing him, he won't try.


Darker than the original? Is that possible. Can't wait to see this.

N'jaila Rhee

If they follow the comic book it gets pretty bland but there are a lot more characters involved. Its kinda funny that the darkest elements of the first adaption are not in the comic at all.

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