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Video: Viola Davis Talks Black Actresses Increased Visibility and Multi-Dimensional Characters

Video: Viola Davis Talks Black Actresses Increased Visibility and Multi-Dimensional Characters

Courtesy of The Hollywood Reporter, the Award Season Roundtable Part II video below features Viola Davis; who talks about the increased visibility of black actresses in Hollywood, and trying to add dimension to her characters, despite writers and directors who try to "stifle" the personality of black characters.

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I love Viola yet the black actor/actress struggles topic is getting kinda old, and every year (or two) it comes up. I would have liked to hear Charlize Theron express her feelings as an African actress to work in Hollywood where she's look at by her skin color. That would have been an interesting paradox to listen too…

ojie king

I'm always overjoyed when i see black actresses working. I guess its true what she said though about the roles for Black actresses being too nurturing. But things are changing, Vanessa Williams played Wilhemina Slater in Betty, Monique in Precious etc. So, things are changing. But, in my opinion, i think we should start encouraging BLACK SCREEN WRITERS TO START PICKING UP THEIR PENS AND WRITING, BECAUSE THE MORE WE RELY ON HOLLYWOOD FOR ROLES, THE MORE WE WAIT!!!


I agree with some of what she said about the images of Black woman portrayed in TV, Movies etc. But, I felt that her comments were being monitored. And she couldn't say more of what she really wanted to say regarding the AA actors in Hollywood, because she was surrounded by a white actresses. smh


I love what she said. At once talking about perspective and then the reality of the business, ebbs & flows of trends. AND talking about character, human behavior, a REAL person, regardless of politics of the piece-is a treat to hear.

She's a damn Beast man! "No good American actors" MY ASS! LOL

Cleopatra Jones

Love this woman more and more each day. I'm praying she gets the Oscar next year. It's her moment.


I like Viola Davis sooooooo much! Hope to work with her one day!

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