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Vote for Project of the Week: ‘Corliss,’ ‘Reenactor,’ ‘Seed Money’ and ‘Barge’

Vote for Project of the Week: 'Corliss,' 'Reenactor,' 'Seed Money' and 'Barge'

It's time to vote to vote for the Project of the Week!

Go here to vote for this week's Project of the Week.

The winning filmmaker will receive a digital distribution consultation from SnagFilms and will become a candidate for Project of the Month. That winner will be awarded with a consultation from the Sundance Institute.

The four projects up for the prize: "Corliss and Citizen," "Ryan Baxter: Reenactor," "Seed Money" and "Barge."

Voting will end on Monday, November 29, at 10AM Eastern.

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Lightening does strike twice! Last week I contacted Indiewire's parent company, SnagFilms, and got an immediate relpy. Go to, at the bottom of the Home page click on Report An Issue. Let them know of your dissatification with the conduct of these polls.

Note to Project of the Week participants and supports. Continue to vote Monday, Tuesday, even Wednesday if the poll is open. Based on last week, the cut-off date/time is completely arbitrary.

Ryan Scafuro

Indiewire, you guys HAVE TO correct these mistakes you have been making with the end dates and polls for these contests. The people involved in these films are putting A LOT of effort into promoting the contests, and in turn your website. It is detrimental to the independent film community. What is the actual day and time voting is supposed to end for this contest? Please address these issues, nobody wants a repeat of what happened last week.

Long time reader...

I have been a faithful Indiewire reader for years now and I must admit that their attention to detail has slipped. The quality here has gone from exceptional to sub par. This poll is a prime example. Last week Indiewire displayed a complete lack of care and tact when dealing with their incompetence. Sorry indie, love you but leaving.

Indiewire is INCOMPETENT.

Don't be fooled by Indiewire. They don't give a shit about these polls. They just want people to traffic their site and make a vein attempt to harvest new readers. Look what happened to last week's POTW. A real shitshow. Take a few minutes Indiewire and CARE about the crap you dump on you site. The date for Monday is the 28th NOT the 29th. Get your shit together!

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