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Wanna Be Friends? Hilarious Red Band Trailer For ’21 Jump Street’ Arrives

Wanna Be Friends? Hilarious Red Band Trailer For '21 Jump Street' Arrives

We had our doubts. A comedic take on the ’80s TV drama “21 Jump Street” from the “Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs” helmers Chris Miller and Phil Lord? Would this even work? The answer is, fuck yes.

A lengthy red-band trailer for “21 Jump Street” has hit the film’s Facebook and it’s absolutely hilarious. Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum take on the lead roles as two former high school dolts (the flashback scene is great) who become bumbling partners on the police force. A drug bust nets them a primo gig working undercover at a high school, which seems to give them an opportunity to do their student lives right the second time around. It sounds simple enough, and this trailer delivers the goods, and it seems ‘Scott Pilgrim’ writer Michael Bacall has plenty left in his arsenal. If you’ve been a Tatum doubter, this should turn that around as he exceeds expectations, matching Hill beat for beat and the two share a pretty great chemistry. And the entire vibe is actually not too far removed from “Superbad,” though these guys are less desperate to please and more just woefully inept, totally uncool and clueless.

While we worry about all the best bits now being spoiled (really, a three minute trailer?), we have to say this one had us laughing. Ice Cube, Brie Larson, Jake Johnson, Dakota Johnson, Nick Offerman, Rob Riggle and Dave Franco (again playing smarmy) round out the cast with Johnny Depp making a cameo appearance. If you ever wanted to hear Ice Cube say “Twittersphere,” today is your lucky day. Watch below. “21 Jump Street” lands on March 16th.

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i don’t remember that 21 Jump Street (the tv show) was “a bad written Super Bad in high school” show


I too didn’t laugh once during the trailer. Looks like shit to me…but feel free to stand by it. We’ll see who’s laughing when it actually comes out.

Christopher Bell


Are you the same Styles from “Teen Wolf”


I don’t even know what a recent example would be now that the world has been overrun by Hangovers and Superbads, but something like The Big Lebowski, Woody Allen, The Cable Guy, early Farrelly Brothers stuff, South Park, Arrested Development, Ghostbusters, Pee Wee, Airplane. Bridesmaids was good and funny, but I almost liked that film more for the dramatic elements.

Ryan Sartor

@Styles I don’t mean this in a bad way, but just curious, what type of films do you find funny? I thought this looked pretty good.


What is going on at the Playlist where Tower Heist gets a good review and this trailer is “hilarious?” I didn’t even crack a smile once during this trailer. This is the only character jonah hill plays and it’s boring and stupid. Come on.

Jon W.

Saw a screener a few weeks ago. The first half is very funny. Tatum is awesome and Offerman’s two minutes of screen time are fantastic. The trailer doesn’t spoil all of the best moments at all.


“Hilarious? Really?”

People are still saying “Really?”… ? Really?


I can’t deal with skinny Jonah Hill.


Hilarious? Really?


Fuck yeah indeed. Officially on the damn radar.


That shit brought the lulz. Yes, I said it.


Looks good. Very surprised.

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