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Watch Anthony Hemingway Explain How He Became The Director Of “Red Tails,” Meeting George Lucas And More

Watch Anthony Hemingway Explain How He Became The Director Of "Red Tails," Meeting George Lucas And More

You know, every time I see more footage about Red Tails I become increasingly enthusiastic about this project.  Here's a clip of the director, Anthony Hemingway, explaining how he became connected to the film, his meeting George Lucas and what it took to prepare the cast.

The film hits the screens January 20, 2012.

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This young man has great energy. I hope he keeps it. Good for him!


I am excited to see this film, I pray it gets big box office numbers in its opening weekend!!!

Winston Hemingway

I am very proud of my son Anthony Hemingway and

Abraham Amkpa

Wow, not only am I inspired by the story, but as young aspiring black actor I am thankful for opportunities this film could create for future dramas.


DEFINITELY taking my son and all of his friends (as many as I can afford to anyway :D) to see this!


Will definitely take my children to see this.


Hemingway is a talent to watch.


So excited to see this film come into fruition with such integrity. It is so good to see films like this get made I just get so happy I cannot control myself.

Susan Todd

What a gift for the actors to be able to learn from and be inspired by the real Airmen.

Preston Davenport

Really excited about this movie!

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