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Watch Episode 1 Of New Comedy Web Series “The Married Bachelor”

Watch Episode 1 Of New Comedy Web Series "The Married Bachelor"

Continuing the S&A web series kick… here's another one for you all to watch and comment on. It's called The Married Bachelor, a relationship comedy that comes from writer/producer/director Marquis Smalls

It stars a few names some of you might recognize, like Stephen Hill, Rob Morgan, Anthony Merchant and Marquis Smalls himself, who I met over the weekend at Warrington Hudlin's black cinema townhall discussion at the Museum of the moving Image, here in NYC.

Watch episode 1 below, which is titled, Twit Pic:

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Larice Shamar

Hey the webisode is funny. I'm wondering if you have more episodes that can be viewed online. If you get a chance checkout my website that promote webseries. We feature on upcoming music, models, art, tv/film and business. We would like to improve your viewing online.


Here's another webseries just posted by S&A that reflects how Black women from the NYC (unless they are new to NYC) really carry themselves. Black Women, actually, most PEOPLE in the city have things to do, people to see…they're about business and culture so these fictional BW throwing themselves at the "brothas", in such a tacky manner, is a BM patriarchal fantasy.


o_O …. I don't know… I'm from New York and this kind of looks like BK (ok, just confirmed), so I'm trying to understand why, in episode 3 entitled "Weave", the women sound like they're straight out of a Tyler Perry flick, or Atlanta… The "sisters", at least in NY, do NOT behave this way…what are these writers doing? What were they thinking?

Don Draper

I wasn't going to comment but as a black-Briton I think I'd like to share my perspective on African-American attitudes and entertainment. It hurts us. This 'jive' talking, adulterous, hip-hop culture permeating every facet of life…shtick is fine because it represents the lifestyles of a singular demographic of people and damages the perception of all the others. Therefore, I would have to agree with U of I Alum in the fact that people with differing mindsets and lifestyles must also be represented. (That's the point…read on for reasons!)

This is why Awkward Black Girl has been so popular because the idea of a black person (especially a woman) having a multi-layered personality, being the protagonist of an idiosyncratic rather than moronic/overly sexualised/ignorant character journey and dealing with problems rationally as another drone in a HOMOGENOUS societal culture is such a rarity.

We cannot expect Hollywood or the big/medium/small studios to do this. Mass entertainment must attract the masses and the majority of mass media's viewership in Europe and America (as the main markets) with a significant disposable income are white – that is a statistical reality – and when they do it will be the things that grossly lampoon rather than intellectual satirise. I hate Tyler Perry. I am sorry.

So in my opinion its up to the indy filmmaker and writer to TAKE A MINUTE and think about not WHAT they want to say but HOW to find the most novel way to say it.

I have to admit that it's nice seeing a black couple just talking in a scripted show…lol…which is so weird but true! The black men talking at the coffee shop? Not so much. Yes, men talk about their conquests but the tone of "I gets mine" is way too generic and 'played out' plus not all black people/men talk like that. We have jobs and have conversations about other things that have nothing to do with our dicks and banging baristas that can also be funny and satirical. I commend you for getting your series off the ground, because as a writer in the process myself I know how difficult it is, but I just believe its time for black writers, producers and film makers to have the balls to tell stories outside of their comfort zone, to 'write what they know' and put it in fresher contexts and tones.

It seems a show about a semi-promiscuous 'playa' – Despite the oxymoron derived in using Married and Bachelor…we got that – it seems like a stereotypical character played in a nicer part of town (nice digs, dude!) is one that the rest of the world is already thinking black people are and that they have already seen.

Just my two cents/pence.


@careycarey.. wow.. 3 posts in a row.. to bad there's no delete button huh.. Im gonna take all that foaming at the mouth and nut-grabbing to mean that you have something you want to say, but I refuse to wade through all of that disrespectful nonsense to figure out exactly what it is you have to say.. This hip hop battle style of intellectual discourse is for the kids.. And I aint been a kid in quite a while. So, look.. when you settle down and get your thoughts together, hit me back with something substantive and appropriate.. I'll be sure to do the same..



James, what a tangled web we weave. However, now we are going somewhere, but before we do, lets consider exactly what I've said before we address your spin. 1) I said: "Granted, there ARE movies solely designed to teach a particular subject or move a self serving message ( e.g., Christian Message, Racism, Parenthood, Finance, History, etc) but folks, PLEASE, that IS NOT the goal of every film, nor should it be! If a person wishes to TEACH, do the damn thang, but please, it's woefully unjust ( and quite silly) to vilify a producer for rendering a product (COMEDY) in which some would not use as a teaching tool.

2) Our core knowledge, morals, principles and character are gained by means such as our formal education, but more importantly, it's shaped by going through our 24/7 EXPERIENCES! Those experiences are taking shape from the day we are born by our involvement with our immediate family & friends, people, places and things that we are around – and do – on a CONTINUAL bases, again, from the DAY WE ARE BORN . Come on yawl, if a person gets their interpersonal relationship skills and core knowledge from a film, they are a dope from the jump. The seeds of personal development have been planted and fertilized LOOOONG before we take our seats in a movie theater. So Mr. James, I am suggesting that the list you provided came second. I mean, I will further illustrate why I believe you are missing a very valuable point ( in my next comment) however, I am asking you, which came first, the chicken or the egg? Which came first and what influenced our person's in question, the movies you listed or the above developmental process that I mentioned? What seeds were planted in your ambiguous naive moviegoers who may or may not have seen your movies? You saw the movies what happened to you? You are either a superior human being without character defects ( not like all those other low-lifes who watched those movies) who is not affected by the world around him or YOUR THEORY IS LEAKING. Or maybe you ARE a SuperFly Scarface GangBanging Pimp on the low-low? Consider that before you rally around your theories. Btw, you do know you are standing in quicksand – don't you? Read on my good man.


And Mr. James , The Reporter Man, the optimum word in constructive criticism is CONSTRUCTIVE! So please, do not confuse nor try to classify all criticisms, vents, hater-aid, BS and porous opinions as constructive criticism. If you do, you might get pimp slapped b/c someone might take you as a zip damn fool whose trying to running drag ( cheap game). Nobody appreciates being taken for granted.


There were no Crips and Bloods in Little Rock Arkansas before the gang warfare commercial disguised as a film "Colors" came out.. ~ James. Have you ever been in Little Rock? I have. Have you ever been in a gang or been arrested for a serious crime or interviewed a few locked up black men to see how movies have affected their life? Where you raised in a 2 parent home? Did you see any of the movies you listed? How did that work for YOU?! Brother man, brother man, you are starting to sound like a school yard reporter. Look, I say that because I have been on the ground in respect to that subject matter so please do not spout theories to me. The whole drug and gang culture WERE NOT the immediate results of a damn movie. Stop talking about shit you have not lived. YES, I saw Birth of a Nation and Superfly AND Scarface AND Colors. AND?! And how old are you Mr. Theorist Reporter Man? Please, I sure did see the resulting impact on society because I lived it. What about you? I mean, again, why don't you tell us what you believe was the impact b/c I was a young man walking the streets when those movie hit the block. So please stop (you are playing yourself) because tricks are for kids and those who are easily impressed. You are speaking on matters you have only read about. You are talking like a puppet. Bring me the head of the man who said Superfly inspired him to sell dope and pimp women. Bring me the head of the fool who went out and rape his daughter after viewing Precious? Who do you know that acquired a heroin habit after watching Ray? My brotha, my brotha, it's strange that you have only given poruous illustrations of Black Movies to advance your position. Yet isn't it even stranger that there are thousands of White films…THOUSANDS, my man, that depict white people in the most deployable, heinous, filthy, drug scenes, sex scenes, crime scenes and despicable conditions, but yet, I hear silence. Why don't you tell me Mr. Preacherman reporter, how Ted Demmes BLOW affected white society? How about Marin Scorses and The Goodfellas, Alfred Hitchcock & Psyco, Mel Brooks & Men in Tights -huh? Lets continue…Abel Ferrara & Bad Lieutenant, James Wan & SAW I & II to the tenth degree *STOP* Tell me Mr. Junior Ed Bradley, how did those movie influence white society – huh? OOOOH, are you still slightly confused, are you still reading Theory Of The Film by Bela Belazs 1945? Yeah, you said it, WAKE UP! But if you are still writing your college thesis or your nose is still stuck in the air, let me remind you about the following white people in movies. There is Adam Sandler & Deuce Bigalow & Zohan. How about The Hangover, have you seen any of those white people in your neighborhood? Wait a second Mr. Up_On_Everything_There_Is_To_Know_About_Black_Cinema… should we talk about white folks in comedies and how they affect their world? Maybe you are a film student so I am sure you have seen a few white folks in drag – huh? Well, take a walk back. Jack Lemon & Tony Curtis in Some Like It Hot. OooWeee, I shiver to think of all the white folks who put on pink panties after watching that film! And damit, there is more. Robin Williams & Mrs. Doubtfire comes to mind. And lawdy , lawdy. I wonder how many white businessmen went looking for a job while wearing a dress after sitting through 2 hours of Ductin Hoffman & Tootsie? Shit, those damn actors and that freaking director of To Wong Foo Thanks For Everything (i.e., Wesley Snipes, Patrick Swayze, John Leguizam) needs their asses kick for teaching and influencing white kids on how to pop that thang to the floor, right? *STOP* Mr. Jesse James, can you now see how you are shooting silly ghost blanks. Besides, game is made to be sold and not told, but your card was peeped when you came in the door. I am not going to call you a shift-shaker nor a ghost buster but this conversation started on the simple fact that Marquis Smalls production is a web series comedy. Then some fools ran up in here preaching to the man about integrity, teaching tools and trash. In short Mr. Psychology 101, you can take that bullshit to a kindergarten sandbox, b/c I know you do not know what the fk you are talking about. At the very least, you have bought into an ideology that you can not support with solid data and reason. Please, you implied that the movies you listed lead to the drug epidemic and gang violence. REALLY!? – where did you get that shit? And Scarface did what?! You need a new kind of drug. Preach to the choir and miss grown folks with your message. Walk the walk brothaman and then come back and holla. Wait, you said you are a writer. Well, heads-up, I am suggesting you should write about something that you know or at least something you have lived through. And then, at least, you can speak from first person. You can tell us how a particular movie inspired you and shaped your values and character. Again, right now, as it stands, as we speak, YOU are shooting blanks Mr. Puppet Man-Reporter Man, Mr. Reader of Bela Belazs 1945. Run out and purchase a little game, or a book on life and a couple of comic books! Opps, comedy and comic books are evil messengers *STOP!*


@CAREYCAREY.. you said, "Look, our core knowledge is gained by our formal education, but more importantly it's shaped by going through our 24/7 EXPERIENCES! NOT a damn movie. Those experiences are shaped by our immediate family & friends, people, places and things that we are around – and do – on a continual bases, not a 2 hour damn movie."

So, did you see Birth of a Nation? or Superfly? or Scarface? or Colors? and did you see the resulting impact on society? In fact the bulk of the degrading images of black folks have come through so-called Comedy.. The category of a film makes no difference whatsoever.. Minstrel shows were comedy.. And they were not just insulting.. They actually had an impact on our lives in America. If you don't think people are more influenced by film and television then by school, you dont understand the first thing about Film. And if you are involved in Film and do not understand it's power, you are like a child playing with his father's a loaded 357 Magnum.. And if you don't understand how important constructive criticism is to the development of Art or any other discipline.. good constructive criticism is an act of respect. Asking black folks to just uniformly "support" anything that black folks do without any rights to comment on the content is just lunacy.

"A picture is worth a thousand words".. the saying goes.. how about 30 pictures every second with connections to one another that the mind must interpret along with sound and light effects and volume effects? How many words is that worth? A 2 hour movie is roughly 216,000 images.. that would make a two hour film worth 216 Million words.. wouldn't it?

If you don't think music videos that show cool young black folks smoking dope or drinking alcohol.. with tatoos covering their whole body, talking about selling dope and killing folks has an impact on what is happening in the streets, then you are completely and hopelessly and willfully blind.

Each of those movies I listed had a direct impact on the streets.. on the ways that people thought.. on the way they acted.. There were no Crips and Bloods in Little Rock Arkansas before the gang warfare commercial disguised as a film "Colors" came out.. There were groups protesting that film before it hit theaters because the knew what impact it would have on the nation.. and look what happened right after that film came out.. I don't know how old you are but time in the game is a serious advantage when it comes to recognizing game. Let me end this academically with a quote from a very well respected Film theorist..

"> We all know and admit that film art has the greatest influence on the minds of the general public than any other art. The official guardians of culture note the fact with a certain amount of regret and uneasiness. But too few of us are sufficiently alive to the dangers that are an inevitable consequence of this fact. Nor do we realize clearly enough that we must be better connoisseurs of film if we are not to be as much at the mercy of perhaps the greatest intellectual and spiritual influence of our age as to some blind and irresistible elemental force. And unless we study its laws and possibilities very carefully, we shall not be able to control and direct this potentially greatest instrument of mass influence ever devised in the whole course of human history." – from Theory Of The Film by Bela Belazs 1945.

Wake up..

U of I Alum

Brother, if only you had put as much time, thought and effort into creating a quality — and funny — web series as you've put into responding to its many critics — you'd actually have something that would make people eager to see recurring episodes of your web work. Your personal attacks on me? I found 'em laughable; your ignorance of who wrote "Native Son" is predictable; and the shallowness and insignificance of your little man/boy web series — along with your entire oeuvre (including that god-awful Harriet Tubman fiasco — her estate should sue!), if you will, as a filmmaker, does not warrant 33 comments (so far) on Tambay's outstanding S & A message board.
Brother, please, I'd suggest continuing to "work your butt" to get there — because, trust us, and I speak for all your dissenters when I say this: YOU ARE NOT THERE YET!


Thanks Tambay and the entire Shadow and Act Team for sharing work from an up and coming writer/filmmaker/showrunner who has worked his butt off to get here. I truly appreciate you all and your support of "our" peoples Art.


No strong feelings on this one. Found it kind of dull, but I'd watch it one more time to get a better sense of what the show is about.


ummm isnt this the first episode??? We can agree on the content being a bit better but like it or not thats going on today…the same ones running the episode through the coals are digitally flashing their parts to folks as well… glass house people glass house. the couple flashed a bit of chemistry there. they need longer dialog instead of the setup coming from his boys. anyway the clip looks very nice and im hoping to see more of it.


Well shot.. Nice and even.. Beautiful browns.. Gutter content though.. Further evidence that many black folks don't understand the power of film.. Nor the way film is used in society. Reminds me of something James Baldwin said, " if something is done to you long enough and well enough, you begin doing it to yourself".. Black folks have been portrayed so poorly. In cinema for so long that we now do us how they once did us.. It really is a shame.


It's awesome that there is another portrayal of how black people don't believe in marriage or being faithful one bit. A whole table of black men sit down and the only one reason one of them can think of to not cheat on his wife is because the girls might meet.

Aside from that the lines are recycled from every other poorly slapped together "comedy". Most of the acting is barely approaching mediocre.

I could forgive the poor acting and writing if the basic concept wasn't so offensive. (Really no black people on the planet respect their own or other peoples relationships at all. All of us are just chomping at the bit to cheat our significant others with barely any provocation. Not even attempting to fight temptation.)

I could possibly forgive the offensive concept if the writing, directing and acting were clever. If you are going to go down this road at least make it fresh, insightful or clever.


Looks the video version of the VSB blog, lol. And no, the only women who would like or respond to that mess are in serious need of penicillin and sex abuse counseling. On an unrelated note, was that WH NYC summit the same one some poster tried to knock over others' heads as a badge of superiority on the Django thread?

U of I Alum

This series appears to contain so little substance, I'm compelled to question why they put the effort into it. Are black men really that shallow — men their ages — men, period? As a married man, I'm offended by the portrayals — and will not be supporting this trash!

Please try again. Next!


alright…they working with somethin. First the script is something most people can relate to. You know, brothas jivin and telling lies about their…ahh…JOHNSONS, and sexual conquests. And on the flip side, women acting all innocent and thangs, pretending that they don't talk about their own sexual journeys… and hunger for sex just as much as dudes. On the acting tip, the actors in this series gets my B. The brotha who played ball in the street shoes (imo) was the smoothest. He seemed the most natural. The brotha who had NOT hit (it) in a while needs a little work on his delivery. His lines did not seem to come from his comfort zone. Lastly, the writing was good, yet the editing was a little rough on the edges (the transitions were somewhat abrupt) but overall, the series appears to have a nice entertainment and laugh quotient.

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