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Watch: KiD CuDi Directed By Shia Labeouf In Violent Short Film Titled “Maniac”

Watch: KiD CuDi Directed By Shia Labeouf In Violent Short Film Titled "Maniac"

What the eff to make of this, other than to note the obvious nod to the violent 1992 French dark comedy Man Bites Dog.

I’ll let you all decipher if you’d like (h/t SoulCulture):

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“And who called him a phony? I think LaBeouf is the real deal when it comes to acting.”

you know, i feel this way, too.

+1 to your latest post below.


@ Darken Youuuuuuu are so right! The music industry has a lot of twisted musicians & artists out there like; Kanye West, Rihanna & Jay-Z the list goes on!

@ Blaqbird I hate “artsy” & “experimental” films too! Especially, from untalented, filmmakers who try to come off as “innovative” & inspiring. Urgh!


Ugh Shia….what the….????

I think he thinks we’re stupid. That has to be it. He was like, “Oh let’s make a short in black and white, spoken in French w/English subtitles, add some cool music and we have our ‘artsy’ film.”

Um news to Shia and other filmmakers: I’m not an idiot. I know garbage when I see it. Hell, I can smell it from miles away. Don’t throw all these elements that are supposed to be “artsy” or “experimental” and expect me to buy it because you’re directing it or have a recognizable cast. No thank you.

I have no interest in seeing a snuff film…you can do better.


Talk about HATING. If the title read that Cudi had directed it, folks would be saying it fits him. Remember that artists only create art to express what they’re feeling and obviously, Mr. Labeouf is angry. That is conveyed quite clearly and we should pay attention when he is speaking to us.


What in the gratuitous, graphic, hot hoecakes?

Yeah, okay.


a lot of hateration on this topic – what’s strange is no one seems to be offended by the violence, only by the fact that some hollywood actor tried to make an art house film – ya know, people are allowed to have different likes / dislikes – just b/c he makes michael bay movies doesn’t mean he can’t appreciate a foreign film

good for him for going out and dabbling in something different

let me ask you a question: in most mainstream films shootings, killings, explosions are treated as just a silly special effect – we never see the actual pain or destruction of it – it’s GLOSSED over

in a film like this the violence is a bit more graphic, and disturbing, and so we’re able to actually see the effects of violence – isn’t that the more responsible way of portraying violence?

and yet you guys want to focus on the fact that maybe he’s a phony b/c he’s trying to make an art house film? – well he wouldn’t have made the film if he wasn’t interested in this kind of cinema – if you make a film about something that ur interested in, even if you never lived that type of lifestyle, does that make you a phony?

Duncan MaNutz

I dig this ….it reminds me of “Rampage” it’s on instant watch:


And that film & this both seem to pull from this 1980 psycho-crapfest MANIAC (which is being remade right now might I add)

Can I get a budget, I’m sayin’ LOL


This is an example of twisted artists in the industry with money and nothing worthwhile to make a film about. Pure snuff film garbage! SMH.


What, ya’ll didn’t know that Shia is 5 kinds of F**** up?

The kid is a case waiting to happen.

Apparently he’s got a lot of anger issues on account of growing up white in a mostly black neighborhood….

and being on the Disney Channel. Go fig.

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