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Watch Nicole Beharie in Q&A After McQueen’s “Shame” Premiere in France

Watch Nicole Beharie in Q&A After McQueen's "Shame" Premiere in France

This is the first Q& A video with Nicole Beharie since Steve McQueen‘s critically acclaimed NC-17 Shame has been making its rounds at Film Festivals this year. Michael Fassbender was also present for the session in front of the French audience after the film’s premiere in Paris last night.

Poor thing, Beharie seemed nervous and very shy, kinda funny actually; although there was no need for her to be; she answered the questions wonderfully. Film opens in select theaters December 2nd.

Take a look.

Michael Fassbender à Paris : Avant-première Shame by cloneweb

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@ Nadine. It is in my belief that a better Black Hollywood CAN exist and THAT drives me to support "a Nicole", because it is when less talented or less introspective players get into the game that an entire population is diminished.
This is so true. To many black actors who just want to be famous with no talent and directors who just because they can afford a camera believe they are directors worthy of attention. It hurts to admit it but thats what it is.


@ BICOASTAL, you've ushered in a very interesting argument. In fact, a similar argument of "Why The Seemingly Over-hype Of Nicole & Shame?" has drawn evil-eyes, scorn and disgust from a plethora of commenters. So much so that one of the questioners changed her name/handle from BondGirl to ??????. Now you've dropped by with an excellent and eloquent argument that I believe gives credence and validation to a question that many have been pondering. Oh, and sometimes, sometimes when people just aren't listening (for whatever reasons) I believe it's necessary and appropriate to use lines line this—> " As for me, supporting "a Nicole" simply because she is black is as imbecilic as supporting "a Michelle Bachmann" because we both have a vagina". :-) Yeah, funny but true, I too have always wondered why Nicole and the Black Director from England were receiving so much ink? Maybe it was – and always has been – the uplifting and positive subject matter (Sexual Pervert, male and female full-frontal nudity…. and some…. graphic depictions of straight sex… and some…. gay/three-way sex… and some… masturbation & urination and a gruesome suicide attempt) – could that be the reason? Then again, maybe Nicole deserves the hype because of her HUGE role? I don't know, but Bi-coastal, Adam, Ronnie (Ricky & Mike), I am here to tell you guys that you're walking on a very slippery slope.


Excellent post, Nadine!


IMO, what ShadowAndAct is doing with Nicole Beharie is great and necessary. It is an interesting insight into how far a black actress can go if one website at least pays her mind. It is also a good case study in PR and Marketting, something black actors(male and female) sorely lack. They lack the support and 'hype' some one in this thread so bizarrely complained about.

If this website hadn't promoted her or certain other aspects of Black Cinema, surely it would not be any different from all other movie sites reporting on the same people, all the time? What would then be the point of us converging here, as opposed to the more mainstream blogs? Thank you and ShadowAndAct for being truly unique!


You're on Shadow and Act. If they didn't pay her any mind, it would literally be psychotic (for example complaining about her getting "hype"). This country is shot to hell.

Guys, I'm not even going to ask you all to ask yourselves why it is so important to keep this young talented actress down while she tries to make it in a Hollywood that has no intentions of advancing her career. This Julliard-trained young lady needs support. Why this would be anathema to the dudes of this comments section is shocking, yet not giving where this society going… Lisa Gay Hamilton mentions that in her four years at Julliard, she was never granted a leading role. LGH had to struggle. When you're in this field, and when male roles are somehow more open to "color-blind" casting, yet female roles and near holy and cannot be "stained" or "stolen" by a Black woman, there is a problem. Not supporting "a Nicole" is becoming endemic and is saddening.

There are a dearth of roles for Black women, in the US, unless they weigh 300+ pounds and are sassy. Uplifting a young actress, a beautiful young actress, a beautiful young talented actress, a beautiful talented young actress with African features who needed an international director and co-writers to get her closer to the American mainstream is something of which Shadow and Act should be proud and never second guess.


I don't understand why Shadow and Act is hyping Nicole Beharie? Beharie has a very MINOR role in the movie it is extremely small. Beharie has a long way to go before she will ever be considered a leading lady in Hollywood.


I'm surprised Carey Mulligan is not making festival rounds w/ McQueen & Fassbender. She must be really busy with other projects.

Ronnie D.

@keyshantel Why? She plays such a minor role.


It is about time she started doing some press, with them.

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