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Watch Nicole Beharie & Michael Fassbender Do Post-1st Date Dance In Clip From “Shame” + New Trailer

Watch Nicole Beharie & Michael Fassbender Do Post-1st Date Dance In Clip From "Shame" + New Trailer

I didn’t care for the first trailer (the UK trailer), released a couple of weeks ago; having already seen the film, I just didn’t feel that it did the best job of really capturing what I saw last month. This new trailer for the upcoming USA release is pretty much the same thing; the main difference is that the MPAA NC-17 and Fox Searchlight placards have been added to the front of it. Other than that, it’s the same as the first trailer.

But, whatever… I’ll live, I’m sure :)

As the title states, also included in this post is a clip from the film showing one of co-star Nicole Beharie’s few scenes; this one after her first date with Michael Fassbender’s troubled “Brandon.”

The film will be out in limited release on December 2nd.

First, watch the clip (the *new* trailer follows underneath):

And here’s the new US trailer:

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Mecca (different poster)

I agree Nicole and Michael have great chemistry, I felt like I was watching a real date. I can't wait to see this film. He's such a great actor and deserves the attention.


Aww, I like that clip of Nicole and Michael…they have a very natural chemistry. The trailer makes me want to see the film…I like it.



I like the trailer. As a person who hasn’t seen the film and based on your enlightening review, I’m invested in seeing Brandon’s journey.

Loved how McQueen “forced” you to listen to the chars. The scene felt realistic.. When Marianne left… she left the scene and the focus was where it needed to be… Brandon. Chemistry on point–can’t wait to see this film.


@MulletLove Oh my mistake. I must’ve missed that. O_O


@Nia: He’s still playing Irish, as Brandon explains to Marianne during the date that he immigrated from Ireland to Jersey as a teen with the family. A little spoilerage for ya–but it’s all good. :–)


God his accent was slipping the whole time! That’s not a bad thing just something I noticed. Also can’t help but observe just how different this looks from Hunger. I guess it works here. I like these two together.


Ah, nice memories. They seem very natural together, Beharie-Fassbender. As Brandon says, “we should do this again.”

As far as the “extended” scene goes, it’s not all that extended really. A spate of seconds, perhaps. Still a good clip.

Vanessa Martinez


I meant that his character “Brandon” would be more socially inept on this date, since it seemed that way a little bit on the script.


Yes, can’t wait for this!!!


“Shame” looks aight. I will probably catch it win it hits in my area.

@ Vanessa Martinez

Fassbender a “weirdo”? Really? How?

Vanessa Martinez

Two great actors can accomplish great chemistry well. Such is the case here. Brandon seems so charming; I thought he would be much more of a weirdo.

They’re adorable. :)


the clips already blocked. that was quick

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