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Watch: Powerful Errol Morris Short ‘The Umbrella Man’ Investigates The Mysterious JFK Assassination Figure

Watch: Powerful Errol Morris Short 'The Umbrella Man' Investigates The Mysterious JFK Assassination Figure

Give Errol Morris any topic (the more obscure and bizarre the better), and he’ll likely dazzle you with what he can come up with. And as a testament to his powers of narrative force, all the famed documentarian needs is about six minutes to let his latest short, an endeavor for New York Times where he frequently writes, to say more about the JFK assassination than Oliver Stone did in his own three hour movie (which is a still great watch).

The Umbrella Man” focuses on the lone, mysterious titular figure present in Dealey Plaza that day, who has been the subject of great debate for conspiracy theorists for decades. However, author Josiah “Tink” Thompson, who wrote the book “Six Seconds In Dallas,” gives an utterly fascinating breakdown of the surprising truth about who that man was and why he was the only person in Dallas that bright, warm day, walking around with an umbrella.

“You can never on your own think up all the non-sinister, perfectly valid explanations,” Thompson explains, and in Morris’ typically beautiful way, and aided by a great score, we find out as always, that truth is so much stranger than fiction. This is some pretty great stuff, and the first of what Morris hopes will be a multi-part examination of the assassination (awesome). Watch below, and bear in mind, this is only a small portion of a six-hour interview Morris had with Thompson. Astounding.

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Errol Morris = Another useful idiot that tries to give an explanation for this part of the assassination plot. Bring the "dark complected man" , standing in front of umbrella man and then sitting with him after the shooting, and you see two men together working in tandem signaling the assassination team. The chance of two men together doing these things by chance is not plausible.


The final message of this video is very moving and powerful and true…thanks very much for posting!

Anarias Mendt

Too bad this short clip will now be used to claim there's no evidence of a conspiracy in the assassination.

H Moltke

This is quite far from containing "more about the JFK assassination than Oliver Stone did in his own three hour movie". If anything, it simply takes the "weird things happen" tack, which is just another way of denying the criminality in our culture.

Consider the same attitude when it comes from a guy notorious for being a hack, John Stossel:


Stossel plays a clip from the film “Gasland,” a documentary exposing the dangers of natural gas extraction for people living near the extraction sites, and then announces that it is perfectly normal for your tap water to contain highly flammable amounts of methane. “Weird stuff happens,” Stossel says. The fact that a peer-reviewed study showed that water wells close to natural gas mines had 17 times the levels of methane in the water than wells farther away from fracturing sites is just one of those nutty coincidences."

So for all the quantum-mechanical, faux-visionary explanation we have something that still has trouble coming to grips with what facts do exist.


anything morris ever does is tainted by the slipshod zionistic crap in his smear piece called, mr. death … anyone disagreeing should go online and watch 1/3 a Holocaust or Eric Hunt's doc where he destroys spielberg's propaganda THE LAST DAYS OF THE BIG LIE … wake up people and stop tossing around buzzwords like anti-semitic …. the umbrella man story has been known for years, why doesnt morris delve in Dimona like Michael Collins Piper did in FINAL JUDGMENT? I think you all know why.

R. Truitt

Mr. Louie Steven Whitt did testify in 1978 for the House Assassinations Committee. In part, he told of having over something like 60 umbrellas in his lifetime. He just so happened to still have the one from Novermber 1963. When you read his actual testimony his responses to the questions make one to wonder when his nose will begin to grow. Read the facts from the testimony, please.


This is well made poppycock and this fella seemed smug and ultimately does a disservice to history…..and historians who want to leave a legacy of truth. My hope is that people keep searching for the criminals and the evil doers…and dont let the cynics get you down.


Do you know the name of music in the background? Thanks.


both bizarre and fascinating at the same time,how any fact can be blown out of all proportion by our own imaginations…9/11 comes to mind and all those convincing theories.


That was so good. Thanks for posting it.

Aaron Rowlands


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