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WHAT? Another “Gerard Butler Shooting Up Africans” Movie In The Works?

WHAT? Another "Gerard Butler Shooting Up Africans" Movie In The Works?

I mean really… AGAIN? No one saw Machine Gun Preacher with Gerard Butler as a born again former drug dealer, passing out Bibles and bullets among his poor starving African flock. It came and went in a week at the theaters. So who would do another one? Director Ridley Scott, that’s who; he’s reportedly signed on to produce and direct a film with Butler, about a failed coup against the president of Equatorial Guinea.

The unititled film will be based on the real life 2004 story of Simon Mann, a British mercenary who led the coup but was caught in Zimbabwe. He was tried and sentenced to prison for five years there, but then was extradited to Equatorial Guinea where he received a sentence for another 34 years.

Five years later, he received a presidential pardon on “humanitarian grounds” and was allowed to return to England.

Can’t wait for this one and I’ll bet neither can you…

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Tina Sparling

Come on, give it a chance. Everybody is so quick to judge without giving it a chance. Watch it before you judge.


I can't believe you are still implying that Machine Gun Preacher wasn't a hit when it's been pointed out numerous times that it never played in more than half a dozen theaters and never had a chance to be a hit or not. What a waste of talent and money! Gerry's fans alone would have made it a hit, but wide distribution would also have introduced an interesting and thought provoking film to the public.


Did you research before writing this? Machine Gun Preacher fell victim to gross neglect. Relativity Media did next to nothing to promote it in the states. It did just fine at the film festivals and is doing respectably well so far globally. In the U.S. it was sort of tough to see it if you didn't even know about it, which most of the public did not.


Oh yeah, I totally forgot that Machine Gun Preacher was a movie LOL

other song

LMAO! Machine Gun Preacher came out?! wow… did ANYONE see that movie?

Duncan Manutz

So basically the synopsis is Black people are Monsters and we must have Compassion for white folks.

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