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Your Questions For Sharon Ewell Foster, Author Of “The Resurrection of Nat Turner”…

Your Questions For Sharon Ewell Foster, Author Of "The Resurrection of Nat Turner"...

About 3 weeks ago, we alerted you to author Sharon Ewell Foster’s new fact-based novel, The Resurrection of Nat Turner, Part One: The Witnesses, and her ongoing book tour; she was heading to Los Angeles at the time of that October post, with plans to hopefully interest some Hollywood folks into adapting the book into a movie – all done in the wake of other slave revolt/revenge projects in the works like Danny Glover’s Toussaint Louverture film, and Quentin Tarantino’s Django Unchained.

Foster’s book discredits the primary historical document on Turner, The Confessions of Nat Turner, written in 1831 by Thomas Gray, purported to be Turner’s attorney. Her five years of research included interviewing descendants of those killed, as well as Turner’s family, review of Governor John Floyd’s original diary, and analysis of trial transcripts and related documents.

“The image of Turner we have been bequeathed is one of a religious fanatic, a lunatic who attacked without cause. Perhaps, he was like Nathan Hale, a man seeking liberty, a man protecting his family and community. I think we are mature enough to look at our complete history knowing that the beauty of it is also in the terror of it,” Foster has said.

Your reactions to that post – specifically the part about the potential of a film being made based on Foster’s book – was mostly enthusiastic though cautious. And so I thought, since I’ll be interviewing Ms Foster, instead of all the questions coming from me, why not get you folks involved and give you the floor; meaning, if you have any questions for Ms Foster related to herself or her book, leave them all in the comment section below, and I’ll be sure to pose them to her (within reason of course). And once the interview is done, I’ll post her responses here.

You have until tomorrow at noon.

Have at it…!

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Sandy Darity

Dear Sharon, I have lost your email address and very much want to be in contact. In particular, I would like to renew communication, and I would like to send you a video of a talk I gave on Malcolm X and Nat Turner where I mention your novels.


ROTFLMAO @ THIS—–> “what the hell does a person’s sexuality have any damn thing to do with their life esp. a slave’s life, esp. this slave’s life? About as relevant as wondering if Hitler only had one testicle”

I thought the same thing. I thought, “NO, a thousand times NO, don’t ask that!

JMac, you get the best quote of the week award.

Carry on :-)


Trying not to ask very obvious questions you might bring up yourself:

Since the author is trying to drum up film interest has she:

(1) actively sought out black indie and not just Hollywood so this doesn’t turn out like Amistad (and consequently her feelings about that and whether it is something she wants to avoid or finds not fault with);
(2) already adapted the script from her book and sent it out yet?

Gotta say it-what the hell does a person’s sexuality have any damn thing to do with their life esp. a slave’s life, esp. this slave’s life? About as relevant as wondering if Hitler only had one testicle.


I have a question **pretending as if I am standing up in a Q & A session**

Ms Foster, I believe in the following sayings.

1. The best writers always write about something they “know”. and “feel”.

2. What leaves the heart will find the heart of another.

3. If you don’t own it, you can’t give it away.

So I’m interested in the author…you Ms. Sharon Ewell Foster…behind this story. I am interested, for the most part, because it goes without question that many folks are vehemently opposed to exposing or bringing up past slave stories. Consequently, I can safely assume that you’ve seen a few side-eyes slanted in your direction.

What is the driving voice behind your passion, drive, artistic expression, perseverance and push to deliver this film to the public, in spite of the push-backs? I am remind of the movies For Colored Girls and Precious…and the play Go Tell It On The Mountain. You know many black folks take offense to airing our dirty laundry.

So, in short, could you give us the short version of what makes you, the author, tick?


Any credibility associated with Styon’s assertion that Turner may have been bisexual?


the image i have received of turner is that he was indeed deeply, and possibly fanatically, religious, but that his violence, while brutal and fierce (of course it was as nothing compared to the brutality of the slave regime he was rebelling against!), it wasn’t “irrational” in the sense of being “crazed” or “berserk”. one thing that has come up though is what he did to white women and children: while he killed many of them, there may have been something else going on as well. am i right that styron’s book (which i haven’t read) makes something of him having an obsessive interest in white women? is there even a hint of reality to that in your research? if there is, do you plan to keep it in any film version?

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