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4th Season Of “Misfits” Given The Greenlight, Already In Development!

4th Season Of "Misfits" Given The Greenlight, Already In Development!

Those in the UK are already enjoying season 3 of the quirky, vulgar, smart teen dramedy Misfits, which began airing on channel E4 at the end of October, while those of us in the US are waiting for season 3 to premiere on Hulu for stateside fans of the series (and I know several S&A readers are), which will happen on December 19, with all new episodes every Monday (the first 2 seasons are currently on Hulu, and other VOD channels for those not familiar with the series).

Season 3 ends in the UK with the final episode ariring this Sunday, December 18, and this morning brings word that a 4th season of Misfits has been given the greenlight and ordered by the network.

Development has already begun, but no word on what we can expect, or when it’ll air – likelt next fall.

Also, nothing new to report on the stateside remake of the series for American television, other than to say that Howard Overman, who created the series, is indeed working on an American version with Josh Schwartz, the creative force behind shows like The OC, Gossip Girl and Chuck – none of them shows that I watch.

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Will Simon and Alisha be in 4th season?


i wish i had come in to the series late enough to watch all three in a weekend instead of waiting so long for season 3 i love the shoe "can we please stop killing probation workers" lol they seemed to be lasting longer and longer then that lady comes in and gets bit by a zombie shortest one ever made all the funnier that the first sight she had of them was them hacking an 'innocent' girl and on the americonization i am leery i loved bbc being human i hardly watch the american


My friend got me addicted to this series and I've watched every episode in a little more than 48 hours! I am so unhappy with the ending but impressed with the way they covered the characters leaving the show. (Wasn't so impressed with the sudden disapperance of Nathan.) I LOVE this show more than anything in America..besides Dexter. I am interested to see who they choose to replace the characters as well as seeing the American version. It will never be as good as this amazing original but hey…IT'S MORE MISFITS!


there starting filming the 4th season of misfits today (28th of may 2012)


i absolutely love this show but i cont seem to find when season 4 is going to air, anyone care to help me out? and i have to ask, am i the only one that thinks the show is 2x funnier with nathan?


I have been watching all of the seasons of misfits and I absolutely think that its the greatest damn show next to spartacus. I cannot wait for the fourth season to start. The actors realy do a hell of a job and they keep me laughing and wondering whats going to happen next.


Just finished watching all the seasons in one weekend, and I am so psyched for season 4! Although, I am incredibly disappointed that Alisha (Antonia Thomas) and Simon (Iwan Rheon) will not be in the season, hopefully they will return if there is a season five. I have heard rumors of Nathan (Robert Sheehan) returning for this season, and if that's true, I am even more excited to watch. It'll definitely help me get over the lack of Alisha and Simon. I'm not particularly fond of the idea that the states are doing an American version, mostly because the whole time I'll be comparing it to the greatness that is the original Misfits. I can't even explain how much I've enjoyed every single one of the characters, and I am ridiculously impressed with the quality of the acting. Misfits is of a caliber that can't possibly be put into words, and I doubt any other show- especially a remake -can even touch it.


Misfits is like cocaine on the butt crack of a hooker. The actors do such a great job delivering their lines. The script is smart, funny and original. The 'American' version should be aired on HBO. I'm glad I'm watching the original version of Misfits and not some fluffy piece of crap that unfortunately conservative Americans find is necessary for the masses.

Matt Boyd

I love Misfits and I live in the states,I know that the Office has been a success, but there have been more failures than successes. I don't think an american version of Misfits will work, unless they put it on HBO or Showtime or something. They tried it with Skins and the conservative americans were offended. Plus they will probably just do what Hollywood does most of the time and put a bunch of explosions in it. That said, W00T Series 4 I can't wait to see it!!! (Spoiler Alert) I hope noone else dies and I hope Robert Sheehan makes an appearance.

MAGE Pictures

I love Misfits. The utter randomness of the abilities and the constant running gag of probation workers keeps me coming back for more.

I'm not sold on the idea of "Americanizing" such a show though. That never worked out (The Office being a notable exception). Still, I can't wait for Season 4 to drop.

A trend I notice with English shows: Seasons for shows never seem to run past 6-8 episodes per season, while US shows allows for 13-22 episodes per season. Ever notice that the UK shows never get old, while the US series' show stagnation around the Season 4-8 mark?

Perhaps the US writers and producers should take a page (or chapter) from their UK counterparts.


Awesome. I thought the show would suck without Nathan but Rudy has been so hilarious and is already part of the group. I wish you guys would cover BBC's Merlin too. It has 2 black actors in lead roles. Angel Coulby as Guinevere and Adetomiwa Edun as her Brother Sir Elyan.

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