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AMC Renews “Hell On Wheels” With Common

AMC Renews "Hell On Wheels" With Common

In case you’re a fan of Common and haven’t been watching AMC’s western series, you now have another chance since the network has renewed the series for another season.

Set after the Civil War during the building of the Transcontinental Railroad, with Common playing an ex-slave, the series deals with a former Conferderate soldier out for revenge against the Union soliders who killed his wife.

Though the show has not been getting the sort of ratings and audience numbers that AMC’s smash hit horrow show The Walking Dead regularly gets, the show has done well enough, becoming the network’s second highest rated series.

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Good Grief! Stop the dern whining about being slaves!! Crap…sick of this excuse! Haven't you studied history enough to know about indentured servants.. ask the Irish. etc. think of how all females were treated with not being allowed to own or inherit land, the privilege to vote wasn't just withheld from your race or others…women were third class citizens. And for all practical purposes …slaves unless born to extreme wealth or royalty. Common is a super actor in this series & deserves the praise! A great historic tale of this period.

Duncan Manutz

As long as we can be portrayed as SLAVES we will continue to get work, even if it's Common. I have no desire to see this crap. Why do I need to be reminded that we were once Slaves ?


I hadn't even heard of this show until now, so great advertising AMC. And I'm still waiting on Mad Men to return. If Common's show gets cancelled after it's second season, maybe they can give him a role on Mad Men. It's time for a cool black character.


Well Elam(Common) is the mixed raced son of slave master and a slave. His father taught him how to read and bet his white peers that Elam could read. They warned him it was dangerous, so he asked Elam what anything he read meant. He responded no. Back in the slave quarters the elders bring Elam the bible, from which he starts reading then closes the book finishing the scripture by memory. He was their even the elders minister. The bridge between God and the white world.

He also said he wanted to own him a white woman, so he could have his way with her!

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