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And It Continues… Watch “Sh*t Black GUYS Say” (Response To “Sh*t Black GIRLS Say” Viral Hit)

And It Continues... Watch "Sh*t Black GUYS Say" (Response To "Sh*t Black GIRLS Say" Viral Hit)

You knew this was coming… 

Earlier this week, I posted the video for a parody of an immensely popular new web series called Shit Girls Say, which features a white dude dressed as a white woman. The parody is called Shit Black Girls Say, which featured a black dude with a wig on, immitating what may be deemed stereotypical *black girl speak.*

Thus far, it’s been played almost 1 million times on YouTube, making it certfiably viral, given that it was first made public a week ago.

And as expected, some of you thought it was funny; others didn’t, and debate ensued (watch it and follow HERE if you haven’t seen it yet).

Yesterday, in response (I’m guessing) to Shit Black Girls say, the comedic duo made up of Robin Thede and Inda Craig-Galvan posted their own parody, calling it Shit Black Guys Say

You know how this goes, so I’ll say no more. I can only wonder what will come next in this Shit series of parodies; although, I hope that this shit stops sooner than later, because I’m getting too old for it…

Watch Shit Black Guys Say below, which hasn’t quite gone viral yet.

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Super duper corny…both of them. Robin is a writer for BET. That explains a lot.


meh, 4 chuckles out of 10, but it's funnier than all the other "Shit Say" I've seen. I'm still waiting for Shit Black Lesbians Say… someone needs to get on that.


This should have just been all Robin Thede.


Shit Girls Say > Shit Black Girls Say > Shit Black Guys Say > Shit Guys Say




Personally, I think this is the funniest one. I nearly died @ "Huh? Huh? Huh?" and "Nah, man, I got my kids this weekend."


"I said I'ma get my rap label off the ground, son!"

"Who you gon' believe me or your own eyes?!" :)

yeah, it's kinda funny.


This one is the funniest. Shit Black Gays Say! It slays all the rest.

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