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“Attack The Block” Star Franz Drameh Getting His Chance To Shine In “Painkiller”

"Attack The Block" Star Franz Drameh Getting His Chance To Shine In "Painkiller"

Thus far, it seems like John Boyega is the only star (of all the young black men) from this summer’s Brit hit Attack The Block to see his profile enjoy any real post-Attack The Block push (here in the USA anyway), scoring the lead role in the Spike Lee-directed boxing drama for HBO titled Da Brick. And rightfully so I suppose; he was the film’s hero!

Earlier this year, one of the other actors that made up the young, lean posse of alien killers, Franz Drameh, scored a role in a drama titled Now Is Good, which stars Dakota Fanning as a teenager diagnosed with a terminal illness, scheduled for a mid-2012 release. However, Franz’s role appears minor; but he’ll get his first post-Attack The Block starring role in a short commissioned by B3 Media / BBC Writersroom.

Titled Painkiller, the film is described as a…

… short black comedy which sees street-smart Dominic’s armed robbery of a convenience store go wrong when he crosses paths with hard-working Jay, a taxi driver with nothing left to lose. Mutual contempt soon turns into a kind of understanding, but not without some pain along the way. 

18-year-old Franz plays Dominic, as the below trailer for the film shows – though I certainly hope he gets to play other roles and isn’t forever stuck as the street-smart hood he already played in Attack The Block. Although, from all I’ve learned recently about opportunities for young black actors in the UK, he might have to head west to Hollywood for the potential to vary his offerings, as ridiculous as that might sound, given what’s available for young black actors in the USA.

Directed by Mustapha Kseibati, Painkiller is being produced as part of the CINEAST slate – a digital short film programme produced by BBC Writersroom and B3 Media, which aims to support, develop and produce short films from the next wave of cutting-edge black, Asian and minority ethnic writing, directing and acting talent from the UK.

Four digital shorts were commissioned earlier this year (Painkiller apparently being 1 of them), and are now in the latter stages of post-production, and will premiere before the end of the year in two industry showcases.

And whenever it turns up online, it’ll be shared here.

For now, here’s the teaser trailer:

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Back At You

I loved the movie; I’ve watched it over and over again. The Actors were marvelous.

The movie had a moral, when you do wrong, wrong will come back on you. I liked the loyalty the young men had toward each other and how they were willing to risk their owe lives for each other.
I especially liked the young actors that played Moses (John Boyega) and his faithful friend Dennis (Franz Drameh). Very Good Movie I will purchase it.


you so cccccccccccuuuuuuuuuuuuuttttttttttteeeeeeeee


I've seen it and the trailer doesn't do it justice TBH. The film actually turns the genre mentioned on it's head, despite appearances. And is very, very funny with fantastic performances from both Franz and Benedict.


Oooh! Another black criminal with a gun movie! Yaaaaaaaaaaaay! [end sarcasm]


Oh, that teaser looked great! Good job, Franz! I absolutely can't wait to see this!


I know everybody is gonna be "oh, great, good job, can't wait!" But this was kinda run of the mill. Not a bad trailer at all-but it's been done to death, at least here in the states. Won't be seeing it at break neck speed. And just a personal thing, I don't think a Black actor should EVER get headshots done in front of Brick walls, chain link fences, graffiti or any sort of burned out/broken down/abandoned building. Don't give a damn how "cool" the photographer tells him it will be-it sends a message. The hoodie don't help none either, you're instantly "character" all day every day.


Doesn't look like a black comedy from the trailer but it does look damn good and it caught my attention. All of the kids from attack the block were great in the film and have star quality. America's young actors better pay attention. From what I gathered from the name of the production companies it seems like three continents worked together on that film. Thanks for sharing this Tambay!

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