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Bill Murray Reportedly Sends Dan Aykroyd & Harold Ramis Shredded ‘Ghostbusters 3’ Script

Bill Murray Reportedly Sends Dan Aykroyd & Harold Ramis Shredded 'Ghostbusters 3' Script

Take this with a grain of salt (although, it must be said, they were right about John Edwards‘ love child), but the National Enquirer (via Slashfilm) is reporting that Bill Murray is really done talking about a potential “Ghostbusters 3.” How did he get the message across? Well, the tabloid is reporting that Murray sent a shredded copy of the most recent draft of the “Ghostbusters 3” script to original ghostbusters Dan Aykroyd and Harold Ramis with a note that read, “No one wants to pay money to see fat, old men chasing ghosts!” Who cares if this is a true story or not, it’s sort of amazing.

According to National Enquirer, their “insiders” say that Akroyd and Ramis were furious over the gift, saying that they’re determined to make the movie without Murray now. This is almost certainly complete bullshit but Murray is notoriously difficult and dodgy (ask the filmmakers behind the “Charlie’s Angels” movies) and, if it were true, would take Murray to a whole new level of awesome old man grumpiness. However, if it is true, as much as Aykroyd and Ramis want to make this thing, Sony reportedly won’t pull the trigger unless Murray is involved.

Who knows what is still going on with “Ghostbusters 3.” Does anyone care? While Murray might not have sent a note that said, “No one wants to pay money to see fat, old men chasing ghosts,” it’s certainly a sentiment many can get behind.  

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Screw you all!!!.. I loved the ghostbusters movies and I want a more of them. They are still making a 3rd ghostbusters movie. So, give it up people… Their be back in 2015 .. making the movie. Dan Aykroyd and Rick Moranis n the girl who was in the movie, she's coming back. And also Ernie Hudson too. No Bill Murray =( nope not he is not coming back.


hey screw all you commentors that say we cant have a ghostbusters 3. they did a video game recently and it was great (seriously get Ghostbusters the video game. its awesome!) it had all the original actors as voice actors….hey if not movies then can we get a sequal game? maybe free roam in the ecto one and go to places and capture ghosts instead of just a regular old campaign mode? anyways, dont see why we cant have one more movie but ok why not another game then?


I think the other commentors are stupid. I think a GB3 is a great idea, but I fear theyve dragged their dicks in the dirt too long for it to actually work. If they had actually made this movie when the rumors first started flying, it probably would have worked. to those of you saying they should restart the series with new actors, burn in hell. just leave it alone if there isnt going to be sequel. all these remakes and revamps are just sad excuses for movies from writers that couldnt come up with original ideas. if i have to see another 80s or 90s movie remake/redo, ill puke.


Ghostbusters 3 could only work with a new, young cast. Maybe Venkman, Spangler and Stantz could all be dead and come back as "ghosts" themselves. But I'd agree with Murray that it would be a disaster for the now 60-something guys to wear those "proton packs".

marcia seeman

so just keep giving in to the age old stereotypes that hollywood keeps dishing out and send actors over sixty to the old actors graveyard instead of educating the audiences with the fact that we get better with age. and besides..there are more over sixty people on the planet due to the baby boomer age. so sad Bill Murray caved to a typical copout. just old and tired i guess…i am behind Harold and Dan 110 %


Nothing more pathetic than an aging comedian trying to redux his prime. Its sad like watching a 60 year old birthday party clown. Ramis and Aykroyd, save your reputations. If a GB 3 is really necessary, stick to behind the cameras, and find new young talent.


Great reaction from Bill Murray. I can`t remember for how many years this doomed project regularly hits the news but most of the times Bill Murray said "No". I'm wondering which syllable of "No" Aykroyd and Ramis don't understand. And I think Murray is absolutely right saying that "No one wants to pay money to see fat, old men chasing ghosts." Aykroyd and Ramis are just desperate to revive what's left from their careers.


I speak for everyone when I say not one f**k is given about this project. The industry word says that Mr. Akroyd demands Slimer have a thirst in the script for his Crystal Skull Vodka. Murray is completely in bounds with his acidic retort.


Good on Bill Murray to do this. The world really doesn't want or need Ghostbusters 3.

It sounds like Akroyd and Ramis are really desperate for this, but why should Bill Murray be? He still lands noteworthy roles in significant films.


Bill Murray sounds like a totally bum hole.


If it were any other actor, I'd say: what a tool. But the fact that this was Bill Murray is just hilarious. Man can do no wrong. But really, honestly, if you're going to milk the franchise just do it with an all-new cast…


I'm with Bill. There are hundreds of thousands of new stories waiting to be told…

The cost of one Ghostbusters 3 poop fest could be spent on 10 fantastic low budget films.

I don't care that it will make Sony millions and millions of dollars.

Dead Dog

Someone needs to give Barry Ackroyd a tripod to film his movies. I got sick in the theater while watching the Bourne movie. It’s like an amateur film it. Jerky movements throughout the whole film.
This is a very amateur filmmaker. Sad, Sad, Sad.

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