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Bored Over Christmas? Here’s Every Feature The Playlist Ran In 2011

Bored Over Christmas? Here's Every Feature The Playlist Ran In 2011

The bulk of our time might be spent dealing with news on what’s coming up, or reviews on what’s just about to arrive, but we’re not all about the future here at The Playlist. Once a week or so, we try to take an in-depth look at films gone by. Sometimes it’s the work of an actor or a director, living or dead, retired or in the peak of their powers. Sometimes it’s a particular genre. Sometimes it’s whatever takes our fancy.

Barring Alfred Hitchcock rising from his grave and announcing he’ll direct “Green Lantern 2,” things are going to be fairly quiet round here for the next few days, it being Christmas and all. But while you’re off celebrating the crucifixion of Santa, or whatever this whole holiday is about, we’re not abandoning you; as our gift to you, you’ll find below a collection of every feature we ran in 2011 (excepting preview pieces, which are sort of irrelevant). So whether you’re fleeing quarreling relatives on Christmas Day, recovering from a food coma on the 26th, or trying not to work on the 27th, there should be something here for everyone. It is the length of a god damn novel, after all. Merry Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanzaa, and see you in a few days. 

Woody Allen Pt. 1 (1966-1990)
Woody Allen Pt. 2 (1992-2011)
Pedro Almódovar
Hal Ashby
Michael Bay
Claude Chabrol
George Clooney
David Cronenberg
Matt Damon

Rainer Werner Fassbinder
Harrison Ford
Tom Hanks
Werner Herzog
Abbas Kiarostami
Sidney Lumet
Louis Malle
Ewan McGregor
Marilyn Monroe
Gary Oldman
Roman Polanski
Otto Preminger
Nicolas Roeg
Kevin Spacey
Steven Spielberg Pt. 1: The Spectacle
Steven Spielberg Pt. 2: The Serious Fare
Tilda Swinton
Andrei Tarkovsky
Lars Von Trier
Peter Weir

Nicolas Winding Refn

The Films Of Terrence Malick
Days Of Heaven
The Thin Red Line
The New World
The Tree Of Life
The Lost Projects

Genre Primers
Offbeat/Cult Animations

Alien Invasion Movies
Time Travel Movies
Hitman/Assassin Movies
Horror Sequels
Whistleblower Movies
Movies About Politics
Foreign-Language Horror

When Great Directors Lose The Plot
10 Great Lost Projects
10 More Great Lost Projects
Is 2011 The Year Grown-Ups Started Buying Movie Tickets Again?
Will The Zombie Film Devour The Vampire Film?
The Jobs Henry Cavill Lost Before Landing Superman
Ten TV Shows Worth Skipping The Multiplex For
5 Music Video Directors Who Could Be The Next Big Thing
Who Were The Winners & Losers Of The Summer Of 2011?
Five Actors Who Could Star In The ‘Doctor Who’ Movie

2011: Best & Worst (still in progress…)
25 Best Movie Moments
Best Scores & Soundtracks
Breakthrough Performances
Underrated & Overrated
Top 10: Christopher Bell
Top 10: Drew Taylor
Top 10: Gabe Toro
Woman Of The Year: Jessica Chastain
Man Of The Year: Michael Fassbender

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It proves to me that what you need is a website and not a blog, where there is much more overview and readers don't have to scroll down all the time. It's just not that convenient and i always get lost in the search-area (which never gives me what i need).
Apologies for my english…


Merry Christmas, Playlisters, from long-time reader Bunty Hoven. Nicely done this year. Always there with the news, lots of lovely features, and some nice reviews. xo


Looks like a grapping up is necessary maybe. Looking forward to reading and absorbing more of your nutritions upcoming the next (;


Thank you for posting this! My bookmarks are littered with your features. This will clean that right up.

Gary Busey's Taint

The link to the Ten TV Shows Worth Skipping The Multiplex For just ain't working for me. I love this site and actually find a lot in common with your suggestions and reviews, so I was curious to see what shows you guys recommended to check out.


It would be great to see one of these for the blogspot era.

Great job! Have a nice year.




I read all of these. Keep up the good work guys, they're all great!


good work guys

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