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Brian Brooks Leaves Indiewire

Brian Brooks Leaves Indiewire

Indiewire announced today that Brian Brooks, managing editor based in New York, is stepping down to become the Los Angeles editor for Deadline Hollywood.

If you need to get in touch with Indiewire's editorial staff, contact

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bob hawk

When an IndieWIRE stalwart like you goes on to some other place, that place immediately becomes a better place. Salud! Bon chance!

Ryan Werner

Good luck Brian. We will miss you in New York. Good luck in your new job!

sydney levine

Oh no! Brian is my stalwart support and I so enjoy having him around to talk to. I cannot imagine Indiewire without Brian. I cannot imagine Deadline Hollywood with him. He's too nice! But they're getting a crack reporter, brilliant, dedicated and loyal! Good luck Brian! Hope to see you on the circuit!

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