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Congrats to “Bending Steel,” November’s Project of the Month

Congrats to “Bending Steel,” November’s Project of the Month

Congratulations to “Bending Steel” director Dave Carroll. Their project received the most votes to win November’s Project of the Month. As a prize, they will receive a consultation from the Sundance Institute.

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Here’s more information on the winning documentary:

Tweetable Logline:
A film about Chris Schoeck, an olde-time strongman struggling to overcome personal adversity and discover his place in the world.
Elevator Pitch:

A film about the art of the oldetime strongman, people who perform feats of strength such as bending nails and horseshoes with their bare hands, and break chains with their hair. It follows Queens native Chris Schoeck as he struggles to enter into a elite community and find personal fulfillment through this unusual activity. Introverted and socially awkward, Chris is an unlikely performer. We’ve stumbled upon a unique subject, have some amazing characters, and have captured a truly inspiring journey. It is a true New York story. The film will be shopped to the major international film festivals upon completion.

Production Team:

Director: Dave Carroll
Producers: Dave Carroll, Ryan Scafuro
Director of Photography: Ryan Scafuro
Editor: John Hoyt
Composer: Fernando Martinez
About the Production:

This film quickly went from being a pet project to a full blown feature documentary for us. The strongman community is such a unique subculture rooted deep in American history. Then there is our main character. Chris has a very innocent quality to him, which makes him compelling to watch. He lacks the kind of self-concerned vanity that make people unnatural on camera. He eventually opened up to us with plot driving revelations. What we were capturing was truly amazing. Sharing someone’s intimate moments is very exposing and self-revealing. The story that we were telling was inspiring and wonderfully human.” — Dave Carroll

Current Status:

Post-production, looking to finish the film next year.
For more information and to support this film:

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Comfy Dan

Awesome. Can't wait to see this one. Good luck!

Will B.

This looks like it will be a good one. Sundance should leave a slot open. Congrats.


Congratulations to Dave, Ryan, all the STRONGMEN, the BENDING STEEL FAMILY which continues to grow and Gizmo, the French bulldog, who discovered the talented strongman Chris Schoech. Thanks to all of you for making this film a truly amazing and inspirational story.

David R. Carroll

Once again, congratulations to my son Dave and to Ryan for their success! Bending Steel is going to be a wonderful and inspiration film. Thanks to Indiewire for allowing independent film makers a venue to showcase their work and providing the winners with film industry contact opportunities!

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