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Could Idris Elba Reprise His Role As ‘Heimdall’ in The Planned “Thor 2”?

Could Idris Elba Reprise His Role As 'Heimdall' in The Planned "Thor 2"?

No . . . I’m really asking– “Could he?”  Because though I consider myself a huge Idris Elba fan, I’m sorry to say that I have yet to watch the first Thor, so I don’t know if Heimdall made it out in one piece.  And characters-of-color don’t typically fare well in action/fantasy films when they’re not the lead character.

Anyway, Thor 2 is indeed coming.  And if Elba is attached to the sequel, he’s already faring better than director Patty Jenkins, who was recently relieved of her duties by Marvel due to creative differences, according to THR.  Had Jenkins stayed on, she would have been the “first female director of a Marvel movie and only woman to ever direct a big-budget superhero or comic book movie.”

I guess no minority group is safe when it come to these types of films– in front of or behind the camera.

Thor 2 is slated for a Nov. 15, 2013 release.

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Dankwa Brooks

Branagh did an adequate job directing, but nothing fantastic. Plus his overuse of Dutch Angles was nausea inducing.


I wonder why Branagh didn't take up the charge for part deux? And Heimdall could most definitely reprise his role. His character was such that he's "in there" , "all up and in through there". Val Halla, that is. He is an important and respected character or was in this first telling. You should definitely watch. I don't want to double-spoil it for you, but I will say that I can see Heimdall having a storyline or more of a story (since Thor is obviously the focus) just because of who he is (gatekeeper/keymaster). Loki. Now I look forward to seeing him again. He was the kind of villain that I love. Highly conflicted; split down the middle and only beginning to come into his villainy.


*SPOILER ALERT*….he did make it LMBAO

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