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Creator Neil Cross Talks “Luther” Film And Idris Elba With Variety

Creator Neil Cross Talks "Luther" Film And Idris Elba With Variety

Variety has named Luther creator Neil Cross to its list of 10 Screenwriters To Watch, and was able to get some interesting info out of him regading the future of the popular BBC show.

From Variety:

Fans of “Luther” will be happy to know that work on the third series has already begun, though Cross hints that it will probably be its last. “Idris (Elba) is a busy man.”

Signs look good, however, that it won’t be the last time audiences see the character. “There’s a strong possibility there will be a ‘Luther’ movie in the near future,” says Cross.

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"I wish there was a way to bring the same version to the U.S…with a Black wife…" – These things cannot happen. A complex Black man detective character? The US hasn't see that guy since the Shaft TV series on CBS (1973-1974). You're more likely to find a well-characterized Black woman as the wife of a white man. If both parts of the couple were Black, American writers couldn't resist redoing Cosby Show bits. If Luther comes, it'll be white dude as Luther, Black guy as stuffy Police Lieutenant, Asian/Hispanic (brown, not Black) sidekick, and blonde-haired, white girlfriend/ex-wife. That's how WE do.


I hate to even bring it up, but I wonder if the role was written originally Black, or did Idris come in & nail it? Just curious, as there is zero mention (or need to) about his ethnicity in the show.

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