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Danny Glover, Sophie Okonedo & Chiwetel Ejiofor In Talks To Star In Adaptation Of Edwidge Danticat’s “The Dew Breaker”

Danny Glover, Sophie Okonedo & Chiwetel Ejiofor In Talks To Star In Adaptation Of Edwidge Danticat's "The Dew Breaker"

Damn… this would be one hell of a cast, and film, given the deep, complex material the author is famous for, and that they’ll be given to work with.

Danny Glover, Sophie Okonedo and Chiwetel Ejiofor are all said to be in negotiations to star in a big screen adaptation of Hatian American author Edwidge Danticat’s 3rd novel novel, The Dew Breaker.

The $5 million budgeted drama tells a series of related stories around a shadowy central figure, a Haitian immigrant living in Brooklyn, NYC, who reveals to his artist daughter that he is not, as she believes, a prison escapee, but a former prison guard, skilled in torture and the other violent control methods of a brutal regime – specifically the Tonton Macoute, the paramilitary force that worked for the Papa Doc Duvalier dictatorship in the 1960s.

Need I say more…

Unfortunately, while I’m familiar with Danticat’s work (Krik? Krak! specifically), this is one novel of hers that I haven’t read, so I can’t offer much commentary on what a film adaptation could look, sound and feel like.

But I’m sure some of you reading this have read The Dew Breaker; if you have, please chime in, especially with regards to the 3 actors in talks to headline the project, and the multiple narrative threads that comprise the novel.

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It would be great to see Chiwetol and Sophie back together after Dirty Pretty Things. This sounds like a great project and I'm happy to see Danny Glover also involved.


Chiwetel Ejiofor. Yes, please.


I haven't read this, but I will have by the end of the weekend. I just grabbed the ebook from the BPL. It sounds really interesting. I love reading multiple narratives within one story.

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