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Did Anyone Watch “The Game Of Your Life” Last Night?

Did Anyone Watch "The Game Of Your Life" Last Night?

Though we try as hard as we can to cover everything that’s relevant for S & A, it is inevitable that something will fall through the cracks from time to time. For example, take the NBC family movie that was broadcast last night (Friday Dec. 2) The Game of Your Life, starring Titus Makin Jr. 

The movie, which was shot in Atlanta and produced by Walmart and Proctor and Gamble, dealt with a young black computer geek who gets a “scholarship to an exclusive video game college design program, his future looks promising…as long as he can survive the freshmen project. But when he learns that his father is in financial trouble, he has to make a choice that will affect his future and the lives of everyone around him.”

It’s not very often (in fact it doesn’t happen at all) to see a positive uplifting film on the screen or on TV about an intelligent young black man from a stable and loving family (and with a father to boot), and, believe me, we would’ve made plenty of mention of it on S & A.; Well that is if we knew about it. Did you?

NBC didn’t exactly go out of their way to promote it. But then again, I haven’t watched anything on that network in months, so there might have been some promos for it that I missed. Maybe you did; and if you happened to catch the movie, tell us what you thought of it.

This is exactly the kind of TV programing to we keep screaming for to counterbalance all those Real Housewives and Basketball Wives programs that we rile against for presenting us like we’ve lost our natural minds. But secretly we can’t wait to watch the next episode. Which begs the question: If The Game of Your Life had been heavily promoted by the network and we all knew about it, would WE still have watched it or avoided it like the plague?

You tell me.

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Ran into it by accident. The core story was very sweet, if a little amateurish in delivery. I was pleasantly surprised to see a young Black man as the lead in a family film. The best thing was that his major conflict had nothing to do with his ethnicity.

Miles Ellison

Networks will not go out of their way to promote anything with a positive image of black people these days. There is only so much black dignity that white people will tolerate or black people will support. The current rampage of reality TV and cinematic blackface is a much easier sell.


Watched it with my family. We loved it. Very clean. No innuendos. Fun movie. The two brothers are hysterical. I'd wish I could get a copy of it for our personal media library.


I saw the ads and since my family is into computers, I thought they would want to watch it too. Boy was I wrong. I couldn't persuade them to watch it so I watched it alone. It was a great family movie with great message.


To answer the question… I didn't know about it and even if I did, I wouldn't have watched. If I had a family with tweens and teens, the story would be different. On his imdb page it looks like he was a regular on Glee (another show I never had any interest in). A little surprised they didn't make a bigger deal out of it- but depends on how bad/good the movie was.


saw a little bit of this by accident last night and it was cute… hopefully, it'll air again so I can see how it ends…


Sad thign is if this was about a nerdy black girl and her father. We would see ads all over the place and the girl getting interviewed on BET or the NBC Today Show.

Sad that we can think our girls can be anything but we limit our boys to sports and rapping. And if a black boy is smart-he's acting white.


I would have watched. Mayve a few e-mail of complaint of the lack of promotion to NBC and its sponosrs would get them to make sure they promote stuff like this.

Wal-Mart especially because they seem to have a boatload of film featuring us in positive roles that they sell and no one has heard of. Levar Burton, Omari Benson Miller and even the former Claire Huxtable have appeared in some.


I would have watched it if I had known about it.


wish i knew about it. Hope they post it on the site.


I absolutely loved this. Had I known what it was about I would have told others. To have a lead character as a Black male who was shown in a very intelligent perspective for once..was so refreshing. It needs to be re-aired. Black families need to sit down with their kids and watch this story. The fact that it was smartly done and all inclusive as far as having all races be interactive…and showing a great father – son relationship was awesome. More please!!

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