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Director’s Spotlight: Alex Stapleton’s Real Life David And Goliath Story In Making “Corman’s World”

Director's Spotlight: Alex Stapleton's Real Life David And Goliath Story In Making "Corman's World"

In writing for S&A, I often find the “story” behind making films can be just as intriguing as the film itself.  That’s the case with first-time director Alex Stapleton and her documentary Corman’s World: Exploits Of A Hollywood Rebel, an homage of sorts to the king of low budget filmmaking Roger Corman.   

Not long ago, I had a chance to speak with her about the flick and the rollercoaster ride she endured in putting it together.  If you’ll listen to the audio below…you’ll learn of her surprising impressions of Mr. Corman, how she almost lost the project to a “known” veteran director, the way she financed the film and her inspiring takeway. 

The film opens today (Dec. 16) in select theaters. 

Director Alex Stapleton On Making “Corman’s World” by amazingkarma

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Masha Dowell

I really liked this interview. It shows you were passion defeats practicality.


There are plenty of attractive directors. I'm more surprised by how young she is. I enjoyed the trailer and interview. I'll be on the look out for it when it hits the theater.

James Madison

Saw this yesterday. Really good insight and inspirational. Jack Nicholson actually broke down in his interview.


great interview and an inspiring journey for her. i wish her the best.


Roger was on Tarvis last night and this was the movie he mentioned interesting.


Wow, what a story! Dreams do come true. Roger Corman is a great indy director to learn from. Alex Stapleton is on her way! Can't wait to see it.


She's definitely an inspiration.

James Madison

Really good interview. Really inspiring not just because of what she did, but also because what she wants to do. I look forward to seeing her action oriented films. Great to see her aspirations of venturing into that genre where there a limited amount of women directorial talent. Gale Anne Hurd as producer and Kathryn Bigelow being the main two I can think of right now. Great job Cynthia.


Very interesting. Good job, Cynthia! I'll definitely check out Corman's filmography.


Excellent! Great interview — and a PERFECT example of taking chances to achieve goals and using passion to inspire.


great trailer. i'd like to see this.


She's a looker!!!

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