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Dutch Magazine Calls Rihanna “The Ultimate N*gg*b*tch” & Then Says It Was Meant As A Joke

Dutch Magazine Calls Rihanna "The Ultimate N*gg*b*tch" & Then Says It Was Meant As A Joke

Oh boy… file this one into that thickening file we labeled “the black experience in Europe.”

I lifted the below from our friends at the Afro Europe blog:

In an article published in the latest issue of Dutch fashion magazine Jackie, the magazine offers a little advice on how to dress like Rihanna without looking like the “ultimate niggerbitch.” That’s right. No typo there. Check out the full English translation below:

“She has street cred, she has a ghetto ass and she has a golden throat. Rihanna, the good girl gone bad, is the ultimate niggabitch and displays that gladly, and for her that means: what’s on can come off. If that means she’ll be on stage half naked, then so be it. But Dutch winters aren’t like Jamaican ones, so pick a clothing style in which your daughter can resist minus ten. No to the big sunglasses and the pornheels, and yes to the tiger print, pink shizzle and everything that glitters. Now let’s hope she won’t beat anybody up at daycare.”

How to respond to this?

Not-so long after, as you can imagine, the magazine was apparently flooded with messages from readers who weren’t at all amused by any of this, and the magazine’s editor-in-chief issued an apology earlier today, saying that the article above was intended as a joke, and there was no racist motive behind it, nor was it meant to offend. She essentially blames the whole thing on the fact that, as she states, “you hear it all the time on tv and radio, then your idea of what is normal apparently shifts…

The old “*they* use the words all the time, so it should be ok for us to use them too” explanation.

Wait… isn’t Rihanna from Barbados, not Jamaica?

You can read the her full reply and the rest of the story on the Afro-Europe blog HERE.

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Whites are even more obsessed with that word that we're

sharonda Muhammad

The fact is When I reflect on Black Women and images ,the first thing that enters my mind is the protrayal of them through media images as self-hating,angry miserable, and vindictive, All of those characterization are fictitious and derive from Western America's foundation of White supremeacy, as t6he Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan has so clearly demonstratedn and proven; Dr Ava Muhammad, Attorney and nation of Islam minister. Let uas not forget SarahBarrtaman and what they did to her googal or go on you tube.


Last year a headline in the Dutch-language Belgian daily newspaper De Morgen referrerd to the Williams sisters as "Ghetto Cinderellas". The Dutch and the Flemish (Dutch speakers in Belgium) have a very casual relationship with racism and are stymied when anyone gets offended.

child of the world

It is nice to know that in the 21st century the editor of a magazine is so illiterate she has to resort to insults and racial epithets to sell her magazine. This is racism pure and simple, regardless of any attempt to parade racism as parody. I reject in the strongest possible terms the debasing of African peoples, black women and in particular Rihanna. Could you imagine the furore if this ingrate or sad pathetic excuse for a human being had insulted, Jewish, Chinese or any other race? If you don't stand for anything you will fall for anything.


Don't want to draw the nationalist card, but just want to point out that using the term"nigga" is broadly referred to as being part "Black" culture. I'd say it's more specifically, young, Black American culture.

True, hip hop & media have spread the lingo all over the globe, but it's usuage is far from unanimous among English speaking Black peoples.

Being of Carribean descent, living in Canada, we grew up using terms, like "bredren" or "star" to refer to our friends. We never really said "nigga"…

Anyways, to the Dutch people reading this, I've got no problems with you, just try to educate your fellow countrymen, and stop that racist "Black Pete" stuff. Peace.


UPDATE: the editor has quit. It's so funny that people in this age think that they can publish stuff like this without getting put under hot lights.


Apparently some Dutch enjoy cannibalism: Watch the link if you can stomach it.
Two Dutch men admittedly had parts of their bodies surgically removed, fried in oil and ate it in front of a camera!!! OMG Disgusting. These are civilized people????


Authors of apartheid in South Africa, collaborators with Nazis during WWII, supporters of a racist black caricature to celebrate Christ's birthday. A very crazy people.


If white people with an IQ over 80 cannot understand that they cannot call me nigger, nigga, bitch, biotch, or anything other than my name, then they shall learn the hard way. I'm not related to Jay-Z, Kanye, Rihanna, Russell Simmons or any of the other baboons who insist on letting white people hear them use or call them "nigga" publicly. It's an excuse that is intolerable. For the record, yes other races do call each other by derogatory names. Hispanics are quick to call each other a "cabron" or "puta" in jest. Japanese people have a term meaning "fisherman", which is the lowest class in their country. Do you really think blacks are so much alike from other people? Only because we have fought the longest and loudest about our struggles does it seem like this is a "black" thing. I know damn well not to call my friends "vendeja". Whenever someone white asks why can't they use it, I would ask…why would you choose to? Even if all 20 million blacks voted (yeah right) for the usage, what does it say about YOUR ass to go and do it? Not buying it!


This is what Rhianna tweeted about an incident at a Lisbon hotel, just days before the Dutch magazine incident. And you wonder why they wrote what they wrote?—

'I just met the most racist **** EVER!!! 'This man said the craziest s**t about black women – called us dogs, sl**s, we don't look like s**t, we don't belong in the same hotels.

'Needless to say, the #N**** in me came out! Bajan accent and all! Lol! Turns out the hotel manager's black.

'Oh and he had the NERVE to diss black people in his tighty whitey's!!!! SMH (shake my head)…and tbh (to be honest) a lil' black wouldn't hurt him.'—


Most Dutch are well aware that this language would be inappropriate and probably most would never say this. Amsterdam (where this magazine is published) is a leading international center for the advertising industry and I believe the publication of this article was a well calculated risk by savvy marketing people. The content is lame and no one outside of the Netherlands reads the magazine anyway and now we all know the rag exists. Plus there is the added Dutch street credibility they’ve now garnered among those Dutch leaning to the right.

Let’s be clear: the Dutch have no problem with Black people and if Black people don’t want a problem with the Dutch we should take no issue with our default places in Dutch society–Black women as hyper-sexualized objects of desire and Black men as the little slave of Santa (Zwarte Piet). And yeah…if you don’t like it you can just get out!


After reading the comments on here I really need to say this and please, to all reading this, believe me: I'm Dutch living in The Netherlands.
Unfortunately racism still is an issue, everywhere. I don't believe in my country it is worse then in others. I've read some comments saying the Dutch are extremely racists: I'll invite you to visit my country and I will gladly show you around and show you your wrong about that.
The article and what's been said made a lot of Dutch people very angry. It's a HOT topic here now and not in a good way for the magazine and author.


If you really want to comment, write the magazine at: Also, understand these magazines write explosive articles to boost magazine sales and to generate talk. The more people talk, the more people buy the magazines to see for themselves. In many cases it is a risk they are willing to take. However pathetic their racism may be understand that the Dutch are notoriusly intolerant of races outside of their own. South African apartheid is one glaring example.


This comes off as trying too damn hard to act hip and also knowledgeable about Rihanna. It's a double fail. It's basically ignorance and I'm guessing this writer is learning a good lesson in speaking to his/her audience.

BTW, is it niggerbitch, or niggabitch? Not that it makes that much of a difference, but you do say "no typo here" but those words are spelled differently. You cannot turn nigga to nigger because you feel it magically sounds different on a non-black tongue.


Excuse my language but I want to be frank…that bitch was a pure racist…simple as that. You could have called her a nasty bitch, loose bitch, or even ignorant bitch but nigga bitch???? Come on now, that offends more than her. She writes for a publication that's broadcasted to the masses…what if it was britney spears????would she be a honky bitch??? Or J.Lo???? Would she be a spic bitch???? Speak as you will about rhianna but to add a racial slur is insulting. To use rap music as a cop out is pure bull. I DON'T condone how blacks address on another..but does that make what she said justified? And she says it was mean't as a joke….so if rhianna read it was she suppose to laugh? Hmmmmm crazy…and I am of mixed descent.


Get the f_____ out of here with that racist BS. 100% pure ignorance. "Racist" white people and other races have worn the word ni**er out. Now that it is not politically correct or acceptable for them to say, they throw their racist logic back to "black" people, blaming us for their "inadvertent" slip of the tongue. Yeah right. How illogical. That false sense of entitlement and superiority never ceases to amaze me. You cannot control what people say. You cannot dictate how black people live or act. They kill me always talking about being a Christian, while continuing to spread hate. I do not abide by any race's code of moral conduct. Some of them do not practice it. I do not have to worship white people or any other race. Stop trying to please others, so another race can see that you are not like the other black people; a stereotype. You're wasting your time. To racist white people, you are still just a ni**er. No sugarcoating. Just real life.




OK why are we surprised here? The author is Dutch, they are globally natorious for their inner conflict and extreme racism. Does South African apartheid ring a bell??? Let them wallow in their own ignorance, it is their problem, not ours. Besides, you do not see the Dutch producing "any" musical talents worth mentioning!!


for a rihanna fan to read something like that, it just pissed me off . seriously her career should be over !


I completely agree with JMAC. I do not see any other race that supports such ignorance that misrepresents their race as a whole. Wearing oversized clothing, talking crazy, being disrespectful and everything else ugly seems to be the aim for many blacks and I do not understand it.

That is why I say look at history in order to progress forward so that one will be able to do better. I find that a lot of what the stupidity that these "gangsters" embrace have been passed down from the slave master. I know that people will say enough of blaming slavery but I see slaves every day in the street with their hip hop rap culture. Calling people nigga, beotch, ho and all those degrading and hurtful names which comes from the slave master. Remember that english was not the slaves first language everything that they learned was from the slave master. And like good old slaves that worship and fear their master we see many black people walk around being exactly what the slave master wanted them to be…ugly.

It seems to me that the black community lacks identity and has gravitated to rap as a cultural norm. That is ridiculous because it does not represent the whole. I say that the black race as a whole is hopeless and I can not get too upset about what was said about Rihanna because she embraces the "slave role". And the person who wrote that article wrote it because they are hateful and they knew better. The author of that article knows what are insults and he or she did it because they know people would buy into it. Blacks as individuals need to stand for something by first respecting themselves. And black men need to start having self love for themselves so that they can respect the women that are in their community because people look at that and it impacts the way people view and treat all of us.

I make a stand everyday when I go out in public with my hair styled properly, cleaning fashionable clothing, speaking correctly and being respectful. And I make my vote against rap/hip hop culture by not listening to that music and by not buying anything that supports that debasing "culture".


DISGUSTING BITCH shes not just offended rihanna but a whole race !


Wow….just wow.


I agree with Blue & others. This needs to stop!!! I read a few of Rihanna's tweets and I noticed that she often calls her fans the b-word & the n-word. I don't condone this kind of behavior. But why put yourself out there like that so ppl can refer to as that? I blame hip-hop & the media for corrupting our society. This has gone too far!


I co-sign JMAC's comment. And I just want to add one question: Why are we constantly surprised by the racist ish that comes out of our European and European American sistren/brethren's mouths? Why?


BTW, Rhianna is from Barbados, but I guess us "Island Negroes" must be all the same to them..


Ugh.. most of the individual Dutch that I've met have been pretty cool people, but as a whole they have some blatantly racist traditions like "Black Pete", the blackface Santa's helpers/slaves.

I don't agree with the "if you didn't say it, then White people wouldn't say it" argument either.

White people who jump at that logic have BEEN saying nigger in private, and are just trying to find an excuse to denigrate Black people openly, under the guise of being "hip" or "cool".


I'm part of Generation X, and I never approved of us calling each other the n-word and the b-word. I was always like what happened to us calling each other brother, sister, homeboy, homegirl
But these fucking douchebags know some things that people say within their own culture can't be said by others. The other bad part is that they're trying to act like black women are the only ones that dress revealing at times. Have they forgotten about that Gaga has been practically naked in her videos and photos? Katy Perry dresses just as scanty as Rihanna. Black men and women really need to unite and be supportive of one another from Africa, US, Europe, Latin America, etc… We got enough evil scum trying to bring us down.


Easy to say it's a particular generation's fault despite the fact that not every person in that generation subscribed to the same BS. Guess it would be asking too much to put the blame where it should really rest: on the people who allow such ignorant crap to invade their minds and control their behavior. It's not the media's fault and not the artist's fault, the blame lies with thee. NWA, Snoop Dog, Jay Z etc… didn't get where they were/are just by advertising. Somebody bought their crap by the boatload and placed them on a pedestal – and many of those people were the parents and the "adults" who should have known better. People with common sense understand that when some popular but poorly raised or minimally educated individual behaves in a boorish way, they aren't required to mimic that behavior or accept the behavior from others. It's only the weak-willed idiots who think "if X does Y and it's okay, then if I do Y, that's okay too." And let's stop pretending if rappers/singers or every black person on the planet never said "nigga" that white folks wouldn't either. Take a time machine back 50 years or a hundred before any recorded music and you'd know that's a straight up lie. They just couldn't use that same old "I'm not a racist (just an idiot)" excuse. 'Course back then they wouldn't have given a flip. Welcome to Post Racialness!


Blue – you took the words right out my mouth. Two of our biggest, wealthiest, and most influential hip-hop artists currently have a chart-topping song out titled, "Ni**as in Paris." Is it a wonder why people on the other side of the world think it's appropriate to refer to a Black women using that slur…I mean "term of endearment."


This is the result of diversity of this generation. Nigger, Nigga, Bitch, Biatch, etc. words that have has been desensitized by the Xs, Ys, Milleniums. We told you it was not a good idea to use those words in your lyrics, performances and just plain every day speech. Those words are on the TV, radio, in print, movies and the internet. But the young people said us oldies were "sensitive" and to "get with the current times!" Well now you have it. Europeans call Rihanna the same things you call each other, openly! So now who should get with it and not be so sensitive?!

Andre Morton

A joke? You see anybody laughing?


I can't even take this today… because the truth of the matter is if we stop calling ourselves and each other niggas/niggers and bitches they certainly wouldn't feel comfortable doing it (to our faces). I can't believe that they remotely thought and expected us to believe that they didn't know calling Rihanna a "niggabitch" wouldn't be offensive or racist. The interesting thing is if RiRi, I mean Rihanna, will comment on this…hell next week she might just do an interview with them. #nofaith


Not surprised. This is from a country that worships blackface & prostitutes with much less than what Rhianna where advertise in store windows everyday.




all of dooshland can go to @#$@#

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