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Exclusive: Woody Harrelson’s Bad Boy Cop Called A “Classic Racist” In Clip From ‘Rampart’

Exclusive: Woody Harrelson's Bad Boy Cop Called A "Classic Racist" In Clip From 'Rampart'

Featuring a sun stroked Los Angeles, boiling in the midst of various LAPD scandals that are sweeping the city, and led by a towering performance by Woody Harrelson, Oren Moverman‘s “Rampart” is a riveting portrait of a city and of one man trying to keep his head above water. But Date Rape Dave (the lovely sobriquet given to him by his colleagues) is no saint. His own vices and crooked approach to the job are begining to fester within him, and nearly everyone in his path is soon to be sucked into his whirlpool of self-loathing, shame, rage and fear.

Yes, “Rampart” is a cop gone wrong tale, but it’s so much more than that. Brimming with a great cast (Sigourney Weaver, Anne Heche, Ice Cube, Cynthia Nixon, Ben Foster, Steve Buscemi), playing an assortment of fascinating characters, Oren Moverman has constructed a movie unlike any other about a police officer you might have seen. In this exclusive clip, we get a nice taste of the tone and tenor of the film. The scene centers on Dave Brown and his daughter Helen (Brie Larson) as they share a conversation that quickly turns in a scalding assessment of his character as a father and person. It’s a wrenching scene with Helen longing for connection with Dave, who is clearly in his own orbit.

“Rampart” has already concluded its Oscar qualifying run, but it will head back into theaters on January 27, 2012. Mark it on your calendar, and watch below.

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Just curious and can't seem to track down the right info…has this been released to the point of being considered for awards? If it is up for consideration, it seems kind of strange that Woody hasn't been nominated at all.
Or has he been and I'm just missing something? that is, again, if the film has had a proper enough release to be considered for this year's awards.
If anyone has any key info on this, that'd be helpful. Thanks

Stephen B

Sounds like this is way better than the last few Ellroy screenplays (Street Kings, Dark Blue).

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