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First Look At Bruce Willis, Vince Vaughn, Rebecca Hall & Catherine Zeta-Jones In ‘Lay The Favorite’

First Look At Bruce Willis, Vince Vaughn, Rebecca Hall & Catherine Zeta-Jones In 'Lay The Favorite'

There are few directors that jump from genre to genre like Stephen Frears (the guy has done everything from “The Queen” to “High Fidelity” to “The Grifters“) and he’s once again shifted directions, the results of which he’ll be bringing to Sundance next month.

Based on the Beth Raymer gambling memoir, the story, adapted by D.V. DeVincentis (”High Fidelity,” “Grosse Pointe Blank”), follows the rise of Internet gambling and off-shore sports betting through the story of a woman in her 30s who becomes involved with a group of fifty-something math geeks in Queens who have worked out a way to rig the sports books in Vegas. If that story doesn’t sound promising enough, how about this cast then? Bruce Willis, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Rebecca Hall, Vince Vaughn and Frank Grillo all feature. Not too bad at all, and those garish fashions are pretty amazing.

The movie premieres up in Park City in January. Pics and synopsis below:

An adventurous young woman gets involved with a group of geeky older men who have found a way to work the sportsbook system in Las Vegas to their advantage.

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Of course, Josh is in the movie, too and no damn pictures of him.


Omg his teeth are so yellow. Sick.


I am intrigued. Bruce Willis is handling the down slope of his superstardom with more brilliance than I've seen from anyone since Clint Eastwood (without the directing component). He has really embraced being the cool "old man" in a way most fading superstars are too terrified to do. Tom Cruise, for instance, will pretend that he is 30 forever, through countless plastic surgeries and his face getting pulled tight as a drum.


Rebecca Hall is really gorgeous and very talented. If I'm not mistaken, the second image is of the Race and Sports Book at Caesars Palace.

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