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Get Shorty: Predicting Oscar’s Live Action Short Shortlist

Get Shorty: Predicting Oscar's Live Action Short Shortlist

In the next week, two important short film announcements will be made: the short film line-up at the 2012 Sundance Film Festival (this afternoon) and the ten live action short films on the 2012 Academy Award’s shortlist (the ten animated short films on the shortlist have already been announced—view them here).

In a previous post, I claimed I would make some short film Academy Award nominee predictions. Well, here it is… a list of ten live action short films I expect (or hope) will be on the shortlist—in alphabetical order:

Deeper Than Yesterday (Ariel Kleiman)

Mary Last Scene (Sean Durkin)

The Palace (Anthony Maras)

Pioneer (David Lowery)

Sailcloth (Elfar Adalsteins)

Savage (Lisa Jackson)

The Strange Ones (Christopher Radcliff and Lauren Wolkstein)

Thief (Julian Higgins)

Tsuyako (Mitsuyo Miyazaki)

West of the Moon (directed by Brent Bonacorso)

Actually, what am I thinking? I can’t list just ten! Here are four more that I think could show up on the shortlist:

African Chelsea (Brent Roske)

Aglaee (Rudi Rosenburg)

The Sea Is All I Know (Jordan Bayne)

The Wind Is Blowing On My Street (Saba Riazi)

Now, let’s see how I do!

Note that the short list will be reduced to between three and five nominations and announced on January 24, 2012—and, more importantly, I reserve the right to delete this post should my predictions prove erroneous.

Update: The short film line-up at the 2012 Sundance Film Festival has been announced—view it here.


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How do you know the list of live action shorts? What info are your pulling your predictions from?


Brad those 3 movies down there, you don't hope for them to be shortlisted or you don't expect or what is wrong with them?!;)
Just Kidding. I'm the director of the wind. Hope I make it to the shortlist.
Thanks for posting this.

Brad Horvath

I just noticed that I mistakenly included The Eagleman Stag on this list. The Eagleman Stag is actually an animated short film which was on my list of the ten animated short films that I expected to be shortlisted. The live action short film I forgot to include on this list is West of the Moon (directed by Brent Bonacorso). Peter will make the correction in the post later!

Danny Lacey

Thank you for sharing this info.

I'm a writer, producer and director from Leeds UK and in 2012 I'll be taking on the most challenging project of my career so far. The target is to win an Oscar in 2013 in the short film category with my film 'P.I.'

The unique aspect of my filmmaking journey is the way in which I'm sharing everything I'm going through as a filmmaker. Been doing this since 2009 on the website

So, hopefully, one day in the near future I could see my project on the list above.



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