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Halle Berry’s “Show Addicts Anonymous” In Pre-Production; Will Likely Be Her Next After “Cloud Atlas”

Halle Berry's "Show Addicts Anonymous" In Pre-Production; Will Likely Be Her Next After "Cloud Atlas"

It looks like this just might be Halle Berry’s next project once production on Cloud Atlas is wrapped, which she co-stars in. 

First announced in the summer of 2010… Ms Berry will star as the lead in an ensemble comedy adaptation of the best selling novel by Beth Harbison, titled Shoe Addicts Anonymous.

In the book, the story is set in Washington, D.C., and centers on 4 women of different socioeconomic backgrounds who are brought together by their shared passion for shoes. They meet weekly to talk and trade, in a kind of support group, and soon their bond grows and strengthens, evolving into something much more than just shared shoe fetishes. The women become fast friends, trusted advisers, and eventually business partners.

Halle will play Sandra Anderson, an agoraphobe who maintains her addiction with online shoe purchases.

The script was written by Kristen Buckley & Brian Regan (How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days), and will be directed by Brit Paul Weiland.

No other actresses have been cast yet, but buried in THIS Deadline article (from last week) on an unrelated project was a sentence saying that Galgos Entertainment, the company behind the project, “is going into production” with Shoe Addicts Anonymous. I checked the film’s IMDB page and read its project notes, which now state that, as of December 14th, the film is in pre-production. 

If that’s the case, then expect a shoot date of sometime in 2012, with a likely 2013 release.

Since the book was a bestseller, I assume someone out there has read it; if you have, spill!

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it's true that Halle doesn't look like Sandra in the book but it will be interesting to see what they do with her. Where is the rest of the casting news?


In the novel, Sandra is white, significantly overweight and absolutely nothing like Halle Scary. They should have found someone more suitable for the role in order to stay true to the book. This is ridiculous.

Karen Bigosi

I loved Shoe Addicts Anonomous!!! I couldnt put it down!!! This will be a great movie I will definately go to see. After reaing the book I would labe it a "Must See"

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