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Have Yourself a Joan Crawford Christmas…

Have Yourself a Joan Crawford Christmas...

Please put yourself in the Christmas spirit via this incredibly, remarkably, wonderfully creepy 1949 radio show entitled "Christmas Eve at home with Joan Crawford and her children".

"Could you tell us whats gonna happen for the rest of the evening after i leave you?"

"Well, I'm gonna beat my children and get drunk."

Mommie Dearest, indeed…

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Joan Crawford, you insane yet talented wretch, we know you're going to beat the children with a wire hanger on Christmas eve.


"a colorful christmas tree at one edge of the room is almost snowed under with packages…"

Yeah…packages that Joan no doubt planned on giving away on 12/26! ;)

Noir It All

Many people are discussing the way Joan Crawford treated her children. Crawford's peers were aware of the way she treated her kids. At the least, they were taken aback at the way she made them behave. Because she was single, California law prevented her from adopting within the state so she arranged the adoption through an agency in Las Vegas.


"Christopher, What one thing do you want more than anything else?"
"I want a gun"

Red Seagrass

The book was all lies.

little bluff

I wish she was my mom, at least I'd be rich and messed up.

chips hanson

"Christina, is that a wire hangar in your closet?" You kids get to your bedrooms, remove all your clothes except your underwear and bend over the bed, NOW!" Oh mummy dearest… sick fuck!

Kathleen McCue

I will NEVER condone the nasty mother that she was…do you see any of these children smiling at all?? NOT. She was a very cold, abusive woman.

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