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Idris Elba Barely Appears In New “Ghost Rider” Trailer

Idris Elba Barely Appears In New "Ghost Rider" Trailer

Don’t blink, don’t turn your head, don’t even move or else you’ll miss Idris Elba in this new trailer for Ghost Rider:Spirit of Vengeance movie, coming out in Februray. What you will get is a whole lot of incoherent noisy action and a shitload of CGI overkill for coke bottle glasses wearing nerdy fanboys.

Elba is in this film isn’t he? Or perhaps the studio doesn’t want the public to know that there’s a black guy in the film, or else people might be scared away. Kind of makes you wish he had done the Alex Cross movie. At least he would have been in the trailer.

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It's only been a few days, but I'm already tired of the "[Black Actor] Barely in Movie Trailer" headlines. Lots of actors, regardless of ethnicity are barely in trailers for movies in which they appear. Most trailers for the new Mission Impossible don't have Jeremy Renner in them and I can name plenty other white people who I have no clue are in a movie until I see it. Please stop.


Oh…and congrats to Idris on the GG nom for Luther.


What is it with this writer Sergio? You bring up a good point here about Idris Elby barely being in the trailer but you had almost the same identical thing to say about Terry Crews in The Expendables trailer. Terry Crew got the same amount of screen time in that trailer as the rest of the cast besides Stallone and Willis.


Is Idris considered a "star" by Hollywood standards yet? He will be. Very soon. But not yet. Hopefully we'll see more of him in Prometheus.


Even as the STAR of a current hit television show, the man still doesn't get his due respect. SMMFH.

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