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Listen: Taylor Swift’s “Safe And Sound” From ‘The Hunger Games’ Soundtrack

Listen: Taylor Swift's "Safe And Sound" From 'The Hunger Games' Soundtrack

As much as “The Hunger Games” fans will tell you its nothing like “Twilight,” everything that Lionsgate is doing so far is right out of vampire franchise playbook. From the relentless minor teases of the film, early promotional materials that seem to play up a love triangle between Katniss, Peeta and Gale and hell, even a nail polish line, the apocalypic teen tale is practically cuddly. And nothing gets more wholesome (and mainstream) than Taylor Swift.

The singer surprised fans last night by dropping “Safe And Sound,” her contribution to the soundtrack (she teams up with The Civil Wars) and it’s positively limp. It’s very Swift-esque, all soft voice and pleasant, forgettable melodies, the aural equivalent of shrugging your shoulders. She’s likely just one of a handful of names being coralled to provide some songs for the movie, that will also include a score by James Newton Howard (replacing Danny Elfman) with contributions from T. Bone Burnett and the film’s star Jennifer Lawrence.

With the movie now three months away — it hits on March 23rd — full details on the soundtrack should be arriving any day now. But for now, listen to “Safe And Sound” below and remember, this is nothing like “Twilight” (right?).

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I'm not a fan of Taylor, but I disagree. This song is completely different from her peppy love ballads. The lyrics have this dark tone that really matches the scene where Rue dies. And it kind of reminds me of something that would be played at a young person's funeral


I pretty much despise Taylor Swift, but I found this song to actually be pretty soothing. I didn't mind it. You also didn't mention at all that this song is also with The Civil Wars, which I think helps with its bearable-ness.

jane smith

hello there, fan of Twilight & Hunger Games from the first moment. absolutly not the same, there r other books similar 2 HG content about apocalyptic world, dystopian novels and rising teenage heroes (e.g. delirium, matched- cassia&ky, …) but even if there same new genre ALL those books are unique and if someone is interested in those kind of story should read those, and if NOT, just leave it ;) nobody likes haters, it's just not your buisness so why do ya mind?

anyway, have nice life, greetings from germany

Rona Branson

couldn't disagree with your take on this song! It knocked me off my feet. I instantly felt like I was sitting in the tree with Rue & Katniss. Propoganda or not…they have done well!


Enough with your fucking snark already. If you guys knew anything about THG, you would know that there really aren't that many similarities between it and "Twilight" at all. But obviously you don't …

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