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“Men In Black 3” Trailer Arrives… Watch It Now!

"Men In Black 3" Trailer Arrives... Watch It Now!

I don’t think this needs much of an intro, so I won’t bother. Here’s the first trailer for the next installment in the successful Men In Black franchise, Men In Black III, which will be in theaters next summer – Will Smith’s first big screen appearance since 2008!

A question that may come up later as release date draws near is how Will’s absence from screens for 4 years will affect his box office appeal… if at all. I say probably not – at least not with this film, which already has its audience hooked, given that it’s the 3rd in an already immensely successful series.

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I suspect Will Smith will use earning from MIB 3 to fund independent features he has in the production pipeline. In other words, it's a method to raise cash.


Fan of the franchise, so I will be there. Even though the second one sucked, it did contain one of my favorite movie exchanges:

Agent K: When you get sad it always seems to rain.
Laura: Lots of people get sad when it rains!
Agent K: It rains because you're sad baby.


Releasing on Memorial Day….clearly in true Will Smith fashion. I am sure it will do well


this looks like a snoozer.


The trailer wasn't very funny, so I'm guessing this will be more like the second film than the first; I'll probably end up watching it anyway, even though I'm not as big of a Will Smith fan now as I used to be.


Link isn't working. Here's the link to Sony's uploaded trailer on youtube.


View here:

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