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Must Watch: Borgen – Men Who Love Women

Must Watch: Borgen - Men Who Love Women

One of my obsessions has been the Danish TV show Borgen which has been running for the last six weeks on Link TV.   It is about Denmark’s first female Prime Minister and all the ups and downs of holding that office.

The episode that ran a week ago was about putting a gender equity bill in place in Denmark to try and get more women on corporate boards.  It was spectacular.  Just great writing.  I have never seen a show be so good on gender issues and not be too intense or strident.  Touched on some hot button issues for women in power like sexuality and how change really rattles the cages of powerful men and especially how women and men are held up to different standards in public life.

The show is available online until December 9.  If you have a moment try and watch it.  I am so impressed.  The good news is that they are going to remake the show here in the US. 


Borgen (Government) is the latest Danish drama sensation from the producers of the acclaimed series The Killing. Like its American cousin The West Wing, Borgen uncovers a world of political gamesmanship, the intricate public and private lives of politicians, media spinners, and the reporters who traffic in their triumphs and failures.
The setting is Borgen, the nickname for Denmark’s parliamentary building, (“The Castle” in English). Our hero is the smart and sexy populist Birgitte Nyborg. After scoring her party a landslide victory through her idealism and work ethic, she now faces the biggest dilemma of her life: Will she succumb to pressure to compromise her ideals and maintain her political position?  Don’t miss this award-winning series about the fight for political power and the personal consequences for everyone involved.


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Why would a US remake be a good thing? And how could it be done? One of the most important aspects of continental European politics is the fact that they have party-proportional representation instead of the Anglo-Saxon individual first past the post – plus the fact (also true in the UK) that the government must command majority in the parliament in order to rule. And the politics resulting from these two differences are key to the whole series, as it requires multi-party coalitions. In the US, there is no requirement at all that the government reflects the majority of the Congress – although it makes running the country easier when it happens, of course.
So, in order for Borgen to function within US politics, the whole basis for the story would have to be completely changed, and the only thing remaining would probably be small irrelevant tidbits "inspired by" the Danish series (such as the President's spokesperson dying in the arms of his journalist mistress).

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