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New On DVD: 15th Anniversary Edition Of Neil Gaiman AND Lenny Henry’s “Neverwhere”

New On DVD: 15th Anniversary Edition Of Neil Gaiman AND Lenny Henry's "Neverwhere"

Despite the fact that it is usually credited exclusively as a Neil Gaiman-created project, BBC2’s 1996 sci-fi mini-series Neverwhere was actually co-created with British funnyman Lenny Henry.  The 15th Anniversary Edition DVD of Neverwhere was released in November.

I really love Lenny Henry’s work, and it’s a shame that his brand of humor/creativty never really found a lane here in the U.S.  But I would encourage you to look into this and some of his other TV projects that are now available on DVD (Chef!, The Lenny Henry Show).

Neverwhere’s story revolves around Londoner Richard Mayhew (Gary Bakewell), whose life as he knows it ends swiftly — and somewhat unexpectedly — when he tries to help a hapless stranger and immediately ceases to exist in the mortal world, joining the citizens of London Below.

This edition, unlike the past two editions released, features a 10 minute introduction by Gaiman, Henry, and producer Clive Brill.  The three also provide a commentary.  Also included in this latest edition is a map of London Below in the DVD’s case. 

It’s a quirky and fun story that any true sci-fi geek will enjoy, despite its dated, low-budget look.  If not a purchase, it’s definitely worth a Netflix rental.

Neverwhere also features superb supporting performances from actors Tanya Moodie and Paterson Joseph.

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I just ordered this. This post is another that reminds me to get on the Neil Gaiman bus ASAP!


Wow, you know I had no idea that BBC had adapted Neverwhere. I was just listening to an audio version of American Gods and thinking darn, I wish someone would adapt this to film! I have to get my hands on a copy of this mini-series.


Love Neverwhere, love Neil and love Lenny, he's brilliant! Neil and Lenny are close friends and he's always giving him credit so it's not for Neil not speaking up about it. The novelization of Neverwhere (the mini-series came first) is awesome too and definitely worth a read. Think I might snatch this up.

Chef! is hilarious and one of my favorite Brit-coms. Lenny also did a BBC radio play of Anansi Boys a couple of years back but I can't seem to find a copy of it over here and of course I can't listen to it in the States on BBC iPlayer.

I was sad when I heard that Lenny and Dawn French split up. They were one of my fave celeb couples.

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