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Official Trailer For “Think Like A Man” Arrives!

Official Trailer For "Think Like A Man" Arrives!

Scratch the CBS Insider report on the film I posted earlier today, which aired last night; here's the real thing, in full…

The movie, which stars the ensemble cast of actors you see in the poster below, will be in theaters next spring.



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Justin D.

All this movie needs is a cameo by either Charlie Murphy, Terry Crews, Mike Epps, or Kat Williams (or all of them, why not) to be even more generic and pandering.


There WAS a lot of Kevin Hart in that trailer. Almost as if he was the star. But maybe it's just because he's the funniest one in the movie. I'm intrigued and would see this also although I feel the same way Careycarey feels about Steve Harvey.


Generic and homogenized.


It looks like a black version of he's just not that into you. I like Gabrielle Union and Megan Good but they really need to stop with the typecast roles and go against type. Maybe, these are the only acting roles Union and Good can get? I don't no but it has gotten boring to see Megan and Gabrielle just do the same kinds of black romantic comedies over and over again and again. Megan was in the best man last year. It is kind of sad actually to see Gabrielle and Megan waste their talent on these kinds of movies.



That's all I got. : Oh, and I might rent it.

blah, blah

This is like a big ole' infomercial for Steve Harvey's book.


I got tired of seeing Kevin Hart in every scene. They could of hired a Black actor for CB's role. #JustSaying!


Too much Kevin Hart in the trailer! Could have done without all the shouting from him. Otherwise, looks like a good rental.


Okay, it's official, I didn't want to enjoy this clip because I didn't want to put anymore money in Steve Harvey's bulging pockets. And… since I've talked a heap of sh*t about his books, there was no way I was going to legitimize his efforts by dropping my thin cash. But damn-it, I am hooked like a fat catfish at the bottom of the muddy Mississippi River. Yep, I'm all up in this one for several reasons. One, the women look tasty… GOOD GOLLY MISS MOLLY – OKAY! I wouldn't kick any of them out of bed. Two, I laughed my ass off at Kevin Hart's movie (best laughs of the year) so he already has my nose open. Three, most of the actors can actually act. Now haters and stuffy snobs beware because I don't care, I think this movie has great entertainment value. I'm not even going to call my bootleg man, I'm going to the theater :-)

Darla & Mark

Looks very entertaining and fun.


What is with Kevin Hart being all up in this trailer? Damn. I can only take him in small doses. Other than that, I will go see it.

L.A. Proper

Bad black movie trailer. Good black movie trailer:


So is this film set in Tore Down Weave City? In what state in that located?

And exactly how tall is Kevin Hart? Like 5 inches tall?


Looks like a black "He's Just Not That Into You." I think I actually chuckled. I was expecting much worse.


Michael Ealy is enough to make me want to see the movie! lol But on a serious note…it looks kind of cute. Had some funny moments…won't mind checking it out.

N'jaila Rhee

I wish I could punch that trailer in the face.

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