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Oscar Talk: Where Are We Now? The Artist, Descendants, Dragon Tattoo, Extremely Loud, War Horse

Oscar Talk: Where Are We Now? The Artist, Descendants, Dragon Tattoo, Extremely Loud, War Horse

This week in Oscar Talk Kris Tapley and I survey the awards terrain following key votes from the LA film critics, Screen Actors Guild and Golden Globes, which all have different impact but show us where the field is at this moment. We know where the actors are–“The Artist,” “The Help,” “The Descendants,” et al. But SAG and the Academy, while they overlap, are different. Things can change.

We finally get into David Fincher’s “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo,” which we debate heatedly as a movie (my review here) but agree is not an Oscar contender in the main categories. Yes, timing and momentum is everything. But who won and lost on that front? “The Artist” opened at Cannes but has yet to peak. “The Descendants” opened at Telluride but seems to be hanging back a tad. What about critics’ faves “Hugo” and “The Tree of Life?” Did “War Horse” and “Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close” break too late?

Here’s the podcast.

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Jeanne Wolf

Very few to none –sure things! The good news for awards shows and for your readers is that there is genuine suspense. That gives us lots (too much) to talk about around Hollywood and maybe will send some curious film goers around the country to theaters. How do we start an academy to train winners for acceptance speeches?


Regarding Kris' comments on his 'Extremely Loud' experience .. saw the film at the DGA last week with an audience that was a mix between guild members and the public/non industry .. There was a very passionate applause when it ended, and a VERY loud applause for Thomas Horn. Then a quieter applause for Max, Tom & Sandra.

Sarah K.

I have read all three books and there is nothing special about this series. It is standard supermarket smut. Books 2 and 3 are no better than the first book. I agree with Kris Tapley, I don't understand how Lisbeth Salander is some female empowerment character. She is just like Fincher's usual male character expect without a penis. She loves sex without commitment (preferable without even talking), she is a computer geek, loves motorcycles, dresses like a guy, is self destructive and violent. She ends up in a relationship with a male old enough to be her father (the author's fantasy I guess), gets breast implants and has hot Lesbian sex on the side.

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