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Peter Berg Says He Cast Rihanna In “Battleship” Because Of Her “Urban Swagger”

Peter Berg Says He Cast Rihanna In "Battleship" Because Of Her "Urban Swagger"

“I spent a lot of time in the Navy thinking about who would make sense and who would bring an urban swagger to this character,” Berg explained of his idea to cast Rihanna. “Put a call in, had a great couple of meetings, and she’s a great girl, really hard-working, very smart, wants to be good, really strong work ethic, no attitude, no diva nonsense. She was great.”

Director Peter Berg on casting Rihanna in next summer’s Battleship – the upcoming Universal Studios big-budgeted, live action adaptation of Hasbro’s naval combat board game.

Umm… ok.

You’ve seen the teaser trailer, and whatever “urban swagger” Rihanna possesses, as Berg suggests, wasn’t evident; partly because she’s barely in it; if you blinked, you’d have missed the one quick shot of her.

Hey Mr Berg, how about you forget about “urban swagger” and just cast an actor next time; I hear they’re becoming extinct these days, but you can be one of the few industry revolutionaries.

Rihanna and her “urban swagger” will be strut into movie theaters May 18, 2012.

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hannah pettit

I don't know why you have to be such a bitch about rihanna being in this movie. She deserved the role and she got it. Get over it.


Most of the good singers/actors are either dead now or are in their late 50's, 60's. I really could count the good YOUNG ones on my fingers. Todays "artists" have computers instead of talent, face it. And sorry, Rihanna ain't a good artist. Watch her live performance with Bono from U2. Just saying. Only good actor as I saw in the trailer dies pretty fast (Liam Neeson).


The black America hate for successful Caribbean people continues


Screw hustle this was a casting to get "us" to watch and guess what we won't be watching some stupid film based on a videogame.

You can get all the whose hot folks you want but that does not mean they will go see the film. Her casting in this film will mean more bootlegs of the film will be in the hood.

Just because folks know who you are doesn't mean a thing. You put $250 million into this film and she was the best you could get for a black female lead? For a film that features a guy from Star Wars, Friday Night Lights and True Blood?

Or could it have more to do with one of her exboyfriends having a movie come out on the same day?

As for the folks you listed-how many of them started out on tv shows? Or started in lower budget films? In other words they PROVED they proved they could act adn weren't given a role because some stupid studio keeps thinking this type casting pays off. In most cases it doesn't.

Hi Hater

I have no idea whether Rihanna will be any good. However, instead of criticizing for the umpteenth time, why not wait to see her performance? She's not a rapper; she's a singer so why are you all lumping her in with 50 Cent? And Mos Def, Tariq Trotter, Will Smith, Ludacris, and Queen Latifah can act better than most actors I've seen in auditions this year. It's not about black people being so stupid; it's about those rappers and singers having an edge because the public knows them already, not to mention most have pitbull agents that the average up-and-coming actor(see: Donald Glover) doesn't…I couldn't believe that Kid Cudi has a WME agent. They won't stop until their client is rapping, acting, selling clothes, AND branding liquor…the whole shebang. Don't knock the hustle folks.


Urban swagger? Isn't she from Barbados? the part right near the beach? -_- He should've spoke truth: she has a large fanbase, I want to help attract her fanbase* to the film so that it can make even more money and blow the box office straight out the gate on opening weekend. The end.


I love that there was absolutely no mention of her "talent." The best he could muster was that she "wants to be good." Wish I could say the same for this movie.


Well, who the hell knows? Perhaps Rihanna will shock the world by pulling out her brilliance and skilful acting in this film that none of us know she has.


On "cast an actor next time" comment in the article, directors have been casting non-actors since the dawn of movies and the only time anyone seems to complain is when they cast celebrity non-actors. I'm not saying that Rihanna will be anything more than mediocre, but I didn't hear anyone complain about all the non-actors in movies like City of God and Restless City, or Soderbergh casting that MMA fighter in Haywire. Berg just thought that Rihanna was the best person for that role, and time will tell whether or not it was a bad decision. And I'm not a Rihanna fan at all…


In other words: "Black people are SO stupid that they'll flock to watch any crap with a black person in it no matter if they've the completely wrong person for the role"


urban swagger = BLACK swagger

Peter Berg = asshole

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